Anyone else with water trickling down sensations in groin, legs, ankles or between legs etc ?

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For years have had hot / cold sensations and water trickling down sensations in groin, legs and ankles with or without any back or leg pains occurring at the time.

Anyone have similar symptoms ?




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  • I sometimes have that water trickling sensation between my shoulder blades. It's the strangest feeling.

    It doesn't happen as much after ACDF surgery, but it was a daily occurrence before.

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  • What i s ACDF surgery ? My recent & most severe problem seems to be limited  to lower body below belly button.  Although I have had odd muscle twitching & deep nerve pain around shoulder before after when I had trauma after a fall after sudden unexpected dog attack while jogging. - Tripped & fell on arm / shoulder. Couldn't raise arm up at all even to brush teeth for a couple weeks or so.  (years ago 

  • I had that feeling yesterday when getting my si joint injection. Very warm feeling like i wet myself. Was very relieved i hadn't 

  • ACDF surgery is performed on the neck. Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion. I had mine on C5-C7 back in September.

    That feeling of water dripping was so strange. I had to keep asking my hubby if there was was water on my neck and back.

    But it mostly stopped after my surgery. Haven't had any occurrences since October, thankfully.

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  • seems pretty common from what I read..i ge tit from time to time on my upper back and sometimes the back of my head, and groin and lower back and legs

  • I have a herniated disc and also water trickling sensation down my groin, buttocks at one time or another. Also have a slight numbing sensation in my buttocks and groin sometimes that worsens with sitting.

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