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Microdiscectomy Day 6. Starting to worry

Had an L4 L5 microdiscectomy 6 days ago. 

A little back story, AFTER I got my MRI pre-op, something "popped" at the gym and the bad sciatica started. 

I keep hearing with micros, you wake up, the sciatica is fine. Not for me. I texted doc and he said I had a pretty large herniation and post surgery it usually fills up with blood and seroma, which goes away when the body reabsorbs the fluid.

The Oxy was drying me out so I have been getting by with 4000 mg acitominophen daily; cutting back last night it's clear the sciatica is still there. He said it takes time and should wait it out; at 2 weeks I should be worried. Well I am impatient. 

Any advice for a guy getting bored laying around and staring at a screen all day?



  • I think everyone worries at around day 6.

    Do your bed exercises. Try to walk and avoid sitting. Be patient even if it goes against who you are and how you be

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  • I’m one week out from the same surgery. I am bored. Tired of watching Netflix and books. I do get up every 60-90 minutes and walk around the house for about 10 min. Went outside yesterday and today for a few minutes altho there is snow and ice so I won’t walk outside. 

    I’m back to work on Monday and will play it by ear. The surgeon said I should be fine. I may get fatigued tho: time will tell.

  • I hear you! Fortunately I am mending well but damn I am bored. I don't live at snow elevation, at least I get to enjoy some California sun. I can't wait to drive again.

  •   Riseandgrind74- How’s your boredom? I head back to work in a few hours. Think I will get fatigued seeing clients but at least I get out of the house!

    Just a thought; my brother brought me some paint stuff and I actually did a Bob  Ross. I don’t paint and am not artistic but it was fun and occupied some of my time.

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  • It's OK. I've had some side projects from work that I've never had time for lately so I've been working on that. You?

  • I’m back to work. Went back on Monday. 

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