Lumbar Disc or SI Issue/Sciatica



  • Like I said the flomax has helped, seems to be improving also, so makes me think it’s a prostate issue but who knows. Could be nerve pain also, either way hopefully the injections work Friday. 

  • Ok, wanted to pass along an update. I went Friday to have the Epidural Steroid Injections done on the S1 nerve root on both sides. Procedure went well overall, had some pain when they got around the S1 Nerve Root on the left side but they said that was a good thing (guess they found the inflammation).  Suppose it gets a little worse before it gets better, I think the injections for sure set off the nerves but from people I have talked to who have had it done before that sounds par for the course. Seems to be improving a little each day. Not 100% yet and honestly I would be fine with 90%, they said according to the nerve study that it was "minor irritation" but its still rather annoying. Anyone have any tips on the ESI recovery & also when I should expect it to really kick in?

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  • I did not have any additional pain from the injections. It was like a placebo in a needle because it didn’t appear to do anything.

    My doctor said to give the injections 2-10 days to kick in. 

    But they never kicked in I’m afraid.

  • Just wanted to provide an update. Still having some pain in my lower legs and feet despite the ESI, has kind of been worse than before but it finally seems to be getting somewhat better. I am going back the 27th for a followup with my ortho spine doctor. Still having some pain in the perineum area and a sensation like I need to go pee when I don't have to some, its not all the time but some. Again I am having no numbness and have full bowl and bladder control, this has been going on for awhile but just curious of what y'all think it could be from. I know there are no doctors but just curious if anyone else has this issue. I have appreciated all the feedback on here. 

  • Update: Ended up going back to the Urologist yesterday, he still believes the issues with the urinary stuff are related to a prostate infection that has been very tough to clear up, started me on a new course of antibiotics so we will see, its just weird because gabapentin seems to help those symptoms as well. As for the back and leg pain, I am still having issues with it. Nerve pain down the left leg is still fairly good and pain in the right leg is still there though I do believe it has let up somewhat. If the injections helped any it was only on the right side really. Going for a followup with my ortho spine doctor that did the injections on the 27th. Depending what he says I may go get a second opinion from a neuro spine surgeon. 

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  • I go for a followup tomorrow but depending on what my ortho spine specialist says I may go get a second opinion, thanks for the response. 

  • Second and even third opinions are good at times, then you can compare opinions, you may also find that you really like one doctor over another, I also look for patient testomonials and ratings. 

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    Alright, had my followup yesterday with my Ortho Spine Specialist. He said that he thinks some of my nerve pain might be from some light stenosis at the L5 level, its on the nerve canal not the spinal canal. He said that he believes my biggest issue though is some major muscle imbalances stemming from my hamstrings and hips being very tight. So he has prescribed eight weeks of PT twice a week. I tend to agree on the muscles and flexibility, the legs up the wall hamstring stretch is one of the few things that has actually lessened the nerve pain some, my back is still really tight and he thinks that PT may help it some. Doesn't think the very mild bulge is causing my issues as my leg strength is very good still. Said the urinary issue is not spine related but possibly could be related to the muscle imbalances but said to go see an urologist (im getting a second opinion from another urologist next week). So my plan is to try the PT, I think he is correct on that maybe being a good move. Willing to give it a shot for sure & I know I am very stiff so I do not doubt at all that my muscle imbalances could be a big part of this issue. Said the EMG showed only very light irritation and the injections didn't help much so this has kind of led him to think it may possibly be this causing a lot of it. Just wanted to provide an update.  

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