Shoulder Pain with pins and needles in the hand.


I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease last year and also cervical disc disease. I have being having a lot of flare ups and as you can imagine its being extremely painful.

However for the last 6 weeks I have being experiencing really bad right shoulder pain with pain that radiates down the arm, and also pins and needles in my fingers, and muscle weakness at times. I am currently taking diazepam to help relax the muscles and strong pain killers. I am currently waiting for my appointment with the neurophysiologist which is this coming Friday morning.

I am wondering if this is happening because of a disc herniation? I am very worried at the moment is anyone else experiencing this and if so what happened with yours?

Hopefully I will have more answers on Friday after my appointment.

I just wanted to see if others was in the same situation as me and could give me some advice.

Thanks all hope to hear back.



  • I have the same problem.  I had an injection 4 weeks ago, 1 of 3 to help with the I flammation.  I had both an EMG, and a MRI C6 showed bludging.  I was having shoulder pain that ran down my right arm and was causing so much pain in my hands, I thought it was arthritis (saw a rheumatologist) that ran all the test!  It was all caused by the disk!  After the injection, within 3 days the had pain is better, but the neck and shoulder is still terrible (headache also).  2nd injection scheduled for Monday.  Hoping that building on the injections calm down the inflammation.

    What did you find out?

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