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Si joint injection experiences

Hi all. I recently had a ct scan of my Si joints and it came back with moderate osteoarthritis throughout right side and mild oa in left side. I had my 1st si joint injection yesterday and received no immediate improvement in pain. I have read that immediate improvement wud suggest strongly that the si joint is pain generator. My question is can my pain generator be si joints even tho i got no immediate relief post injection? Any advice appreciated thanks



  • Should mention also that during my injection i felt a very warm feeling in my groin. Felt like i had wet myself. Anyone experienced that b4?

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072

    My experiences with SI injectionis is that I got immediate relief of pain.  When I have had other spinal or joint injections, many were used as a diagnostic tool.  For instance, my doctors were not 100% of a condition I had was coming from the hip or back.  So, I first had a hip injection which did not improve any of my pain, then I had an ESI which reduced the pain I was having.  That basically isolated the problem to be in my lumbar area.

    I cant speak of any warm feeling during any of my SI injections.  I am having one next week, so, I will pay attention to see if that happens.

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  • Thanks alot Ron i appreciate your input

  • Anyone out there have si joints as their pain generator but got no improvement whatsoever from si joint injections?

  • BitzicatBBitzicat PhoenixPosts: 74

    I had a fusion two years ago that never stopped hurting. Recently found out it only partly fused.   I had caudal injections in May...nothing.  I recently had SI injection on one side.  At first it felt like I was carrying something heavy on my hip but after a few days,  the pain was reduced 80 %.  I remember feeling it shoot down my leg during the procedure.  Aren’t there two kinds of injections?  One that only “tests”, which seems like a waste of time, and one that has the real medication?  For me it took a few days, but it’s been a month and still good.  I will have another in about three months and do both sides.

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  • Hi ajhadsy
    Sorry to read you did not get relief lets hope you get some with the ones you are going to have.
    One thing for sure is some get relief and some don't I was one of those that never did. But in reading the information on this web-site I found manual tests that can be done to help in the diagnose of Si joint. So I had my doctor do them and sure enough it flared it up big time he was shocked since he was a big one for using the injections nothing else. Anyways if you type in Si joint in the upper right hand corner of this page there is excellent information there which is really helpful.
    I hope you find relief soon that pain is tough to live with for sure.
    Best of luck Sherri

  • Thankyou for the comments i really appreciate it. Take care. Adam

  • Hello ajhadsy,

    I  had SI joint cortisone injections with and the block yesterday. Since my pain gets worse with sitting and sometimes lying on my side, I did not feel much  of a difference. Today my pain returned when sitting on the couch, the bed, etc. I also felt pain when trying to get up from bed. I am hoping for some relief in a few days as the doctor said it takes a few days for the cortisone to start working. I hope  you have had some relief from your injections.

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072

    I just had my SI injection a week ago.  Right from the first day, I had total relief from my flared up SI.

  • Thankyou for the comments

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