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No feeling in my left foot after epidural

I had a epidural done on Nov 2017  during the procedure when he injected into the left side i felt a strange sensation of it going down the back of my left leg and into my left foot,I have had epidurals done before a never felt this,since then i have no feeling in my foot and this is one year later,I told the doctors office about But was told it was post operative and the feeling will return but it hasn’t,The doctor said he wanted to do another injection but would go above the area he did last time L5-S1,so in December 2017 I had the second epidural done I did not feel the same sensation as I did the first time,I  had 1EMG in  July 2016 and 2 more March 2018 and August 2018.I was scheduled for back surgery in Aug 2018 but went to a neurologist before to see if there was something that could be done about my left foot paralysis,he looked at my other 2 EMG’s and said the readings were concerning  but wanted to do his own EMG and did.He cancelled my surgery in Aug due to thinking that I could become paralyzed from the surgery based on another patients similar readings and it was rescheduled for Oct 31 then that got cancelled due to him not clearing me for the surgery.So I saw him on November 28,2018 and he wants to do an IV/IG saying that I had CIDP.When I tell them about the epidural nobody wants to listen to me and it is frustrating,I am a Heavy Equipment Operator so this has taken away my career,and has affected my life in many ways,I can no longer run,basketball or any activity due to losing my balance.So I am totally lost at 55 years old.I know what I felt that day and complained,explained and showed doctors but all on deaf ears,this is not right if I have to live like this the rest of my life due to somebody’s else’s mistake this is very wrong. 



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    i'm so sorry. for other members that want to reply but do not know what an iv/ig is for, it is to treat immune disorders with antibiotics to help fight infections. if you have cidp you would have chronic inflammation with neuropathy. after reading about it i can understand why he is wanting to do an iv/ig. when are you having this done?
    please do some research, make some notes and talk to your doctor when you see him again. that way you can ask questions and understand his answers.

    good luck and please keep us posted.

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