Tlif l4/5 l5 s1 fusion 2 weeks post op

hi im 2 weeks post op tlif fusion l4/5 l5 s1..6 screws,2 cages 2x replacment discs bone graft few rods/plates,doing ok still got alot nerve pain,but walking about ok to a point ,! anyone else going through same as me or can share there operation if its same as mine positive outcomes welcome  



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    Had l3-l5 fused, recovery can be a long road with ups & downs, I found it helpful to set a walking schedule & stay with it as much as possible. Do not be surprised or panicked if you have setbacks, pain may get worse & then better.  Personally I think trying to keep a positive attitude & outlook are just as important as the physical stuff, I realize that this can be very hard when your daily routine has been turned upside down. Hope this helps a little & your recovery goes well 

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  • I am 3 months post-op 5 level lumbar fusion. Recovery has been a roller coaster, but all in all I’m getting better. Expect ups and downs, you had a major surgery. As you feel better, you do more then feel worse because you did too much. Get plenty of rest, eat right, and expect a long recovery process. Keep your mind active,  read, do puzzles, watch movies. With winters snow and ice there is little I can do outside, so I use the tread mill and help keep the house clean. I feel it’s important to stay busy while going through recovery. Go to the recovery from surgery forum to see what others are experiencing.

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    Hi everyone thanks for your support means a lot,today i been to physio therapist first time and she is telling me its ok to bend etc and looked at me silly when i said ive been told not to bend and twist from the trunk !?everywhere i read tells you not to till bone graft starts forming healing etc,they gave me some excersises stretches to do which is good,but she also said”yeah its ok to bend alittle ans twist,now im unsure now i know there trained but im on the fence dont fancy having this op again ever !

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