Anterior cervical discectomy c3 to c4 and c4 to c5

Well its almost here. I have a surgery date of january 8. I have severe right foraminal stenosis at c3 c4. Osteophytes on c3 c4 c5. My life has been absolutely miserable for years. The great surgeon dr eric woodard of new england baptist in boston will be placing artificial mobi c discs between c3 to c4 and c4 to c5. Im preying that the brutal headaches stiffness issues with balance numbness etc that has consumed me for 20 years will cease to haunt me. What can anyone tell me regarding surgery, recovery, feeling of well being again, and will my wife ever see a smile on my face again? Thanks



  • I had a one-level ADR with a Mobi-C disc last March. It was a miracle surgery for me. Good luck. Let me know if you have further questions.

  • Had fusion surgery at those levels instead of replacement, surgery not that bad considering but really helped & I had most of the same symptoms as you, hope this helps a little & you do well during & after surgery

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