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M6 ADR - has anyone ever gotten it?

brokenchickenbbrokenchicken Posts: 6
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howdy.  So as I'm just laying in bed, dealing with good ole nerve pains in my legs, I was just on youtube trying to find video testimonials of  people who's had an ADR procedure.  During that research, I came across a youtube channel by the name of "Enande GmbH", which is a channel for some clinic or hospital or group of doctors based in Germany who specifically use the M6 artificial disc, for the ADR procedure, and the head honcho is some [edit] Based on the video testimonials and comments, it sounds like a pretty damn good option...although they could just be deleting or omitting the negative stories...  Anwyays, but my research outside of their channel and sites also seem to support their success rates, with the only big negative part...which is it's gotta be paid in financing available.

Anwyays, I'm curious if anyone knows about them.  I'm most definitely trying to avoid fusion as much as i can, and my first micro-D seems to be a failure, and so that is how I'm currently looking into ADR as my doctor suggested that's a possibility.

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  • There are lots of surgeons in the US who do ADR, especially at the cervical level. But I don’t think the specific disc you mentioned is approved here. Is there a reason you’re so sold on it versus other products?

    I had ADR at C6/C7 with the Mobi-C. It was very successful for me. 

    Good luck to you.

  • There are several facebook groups with people who've received these discs, join and talk to different people.

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  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 953
    brokenchicken - I just checked if the M6 ADR device (cervical and lumbar) has been approved by the U.S. FDA and neither has yet to be approved.  Even if it was approved by the FDA, many insurance companies have their own policies as to which ADR devices they approve and usually only for one level. 
    As was asked earlier in this thread, why the M6 ADR?  There are several ADR devices that have been approved in the U.S.  I've also read that it is difficult, if not impossible to get an ADR device approved if a patient is over 60.  Also, do you know if you are a candidate for an ADR?  If for example you have facet joint issues at the proposed surgery level for the ADR implant, you would likely be medically eliminated as an ADR candidate.  I hope you have already been working with a spine surgeon.  
    Lastly, if you do go ahead and pay out of your pocket for the M6 ADR, you could also be "on the hook" for any post-op costs for the rest of your life related to the M6 ADR. 

  • I'm not exclusively focused on the M6 - I'm just trying to get more research on it as well as that specific doctor.  I've done a Bi-Lateral L4/L5 micro-D, and i think it's been chocked up to not being successful.  My doctor brought up the idea of ADR, and so I'm just doing my research on it.  One of the things I'm curious about the M6 is why isn't it approved in the US?  What are the best approved ADR discs in the usa currently?  

  • I don’t know that anyone on these forums is qualified to answer the question regarding the best ADRs. Also, I’m sure individual circumstances play a role. So what’s best for one may not necessarily be best for another. 

    Regarding FDA approval, it’s probably most appropriate to ask the disc manufacturer that question. The company may have never even sought FDA approval.

    Lastly, I know ADR has good success at the cervical level. I’m not sure the same is true at lumbar and thoracic levels because of the increased loads those areas of the spine have to bear.

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  • You could also look up the LP-ESP disc and the Lumbar Freedom disc by axiomed. Along with the M6 these three are viscoelastic discs. The M6 is falling out of favor in Europe due to its 'free' core. If there is any asymmetric pressure in the M6 disc, the core can shift and become stuck. But there are still many people who have had lots of success with it! The M6-c just recently got approved by the FDA. If you join some facebook groups as suggested above you can see people who have had M6 and LP-ESP discs implanted (as well as prodiscs and activ-L), however, I've never heard from someone who had a lumbar freedom implanted. There's basically no reliable data for any of these discs, unfortunately. You'll have to seek out anecdotes.

  • timsdeecettimsdeece Posts: 42
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    BTW of course So be careful trusting those stories. I've actually spoken to one of the guys in one of the videos, he's not doing as good as the vid makes it out to be. For sure, much better than pre-op. But manage your expectations.

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  • smartens162smartens162 Manitoba, CanadaPosts: 448

    I have met with surgeons from Germany in regards to my own disc issues - mine is lumbar, tho.  I can report that many people in my area (south-east Manitoba, Canada) have gone to Germany for ADR surgery, costing in the neighborhood of $50,000 USD.  We have a liaison here that helps patients get all the information they need and make all the arrangements as well.  It is popular here, because to wait for our 'free' healthcare system to come to our rescue with any surgical attention takes months, even years.  But if you are willing to fork over the dough, Germany will operate on you within a month's time.  And I've heard mostly stellar results with the M6 ADR.  If you do have issues post-surgery, however, you will have an even greater difficulty getting surgeons at home to touch you.  They don't have the knowledge or tools to deal with that specific hardware.  I came close to committing to the ADR surgery in Germany, a couple of times in fact.  But I made the decision to go ahead with a spinal fusion surgery here at home.  I am 3 weeks post-op now.  

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