Neck screws lucency

Hey, been a while since I've been on here but at crossroads on Dr.s. 

I have 3 screws that are loose. I've had a C-7 thru C-3 fusion with cages and plates. The 2 bottom screws are loose and very top right is loose. 

Dr.s don't want to touch it. They say if they fix them they have to remove everything and put new in with a good chance of the screws taking bone form.

Don't know what to do. Any info on similar issues.



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    Hey Tom, I hope the best for you, you definitely have some great suggestions,  I have a lot more bad days than good days,  it is very hard to cope  with all my problems. I tried to be confident that things would get better .  Just wondering how  you came across the loose screws. Thanks for the positive direction. Take care and God bless 

  • Well, the Top right one never took. Then over a year and a half, the bottom 2 are loose now.

    Don't know why I've been checked for osteoporosis and everything else with Bone growth clinic. Lost cause everywhere I go.

    Went to the University of Michigan spine program and they just say I'm screwed forgive the pun. Lol. But, seriously, in order to fix them, I have to have every screw taken out and all redone. That's a total of 16 screws, plates. Don't know if they would change cages. But you get my point. The conundrum is that they can't guarantee that the screws take this time.

    Soo........ Everyone just says deal with it. It's hard to deal with esp when you only take ibuprofen for pain management. 

    My story short I fell 17' feet off a roof and landed on my head and shattered my neck. Separated my shoulders,  dislocated my elbow and put a nail all the way thru my wrist.

    I've had 6 surgeries since then and having another in 2 weeks.

    It sucks, I can tell you that but. My kids get me thru it.

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