ongoing heavy dull severe neck pain radiating into infraspinatus rotator cuff tendons

Hi,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I am new to this forum but not new to pain.I have had chronic pain for over 22 years.I have chronic pain syndrome,fibromyalgia,2 herniated discs in my back carpal tunnel and very severe sleep apnea.I have been on two different machines with no relief.most days i can hardly even move i am so exhausted.I do have a ton of shoulder issues.I know i have tears in both my shoulders and doc thinks i have torn labrum.I have had ongoing shoulder issues for over 20 years.Anyway  my neck has hurt for about 25 years and i am only 46.I use to be very athletic,and very active and this has caused a lot of problems.I have very dull heavy pain in my neck that goes into my shoulders.It radiates into my infraspinatus tendons in both shoulders.It feels like sharp almost pinching pain.I have some arm weakness and some muscle atrophy in my upper back and in my rotator cuff tendons.When i am adjusted at chiropractor if it is done right that sharp pinching pain tends to decrease a lot.I still have rotator cuff pain but that pain is different from this other pain i am talking about.This pain is coming from my neck.After adjustment a lot of that pain will subside but come back within a week or so and it won't go away until i see the chiropractor again.X-rays at chiro say disc height  or space isn't that good from C-5 thru C-7.I have not had mri of neck yet.This pain is everyday of the week and it is severe.Any ideas what this sounds like?I am wondering if my shoulder problem and my carpal tunnel problem is really a neck problem.Any suggestions would help.




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    Have you seen a specialist such as a neurosurgeon or neurologist? seeing a specialist will take the wondering out of what this could be.

    take care and keep us posted.

  • chiropractic care does seem to help,but no one really knows the long term effects of manipulating the spine.I could see where it could go either way.I have had at times where an adjustment had caused some weird sensations in my arm or hand.I have even felt sick after an adjustment,i quit going to that guy.

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  • The pastor at my church has gotten injections regularly for a herniated L5-S1. He has trouble with pain shooting down his leg but after an injection he feels pretty good for weeks.

    He said he was bench pressing 325 pounds the other day and felt something pop in his back. Usually that would be a bad or neutral thing. However, he says he hasn’t had any pain whatsoever anywhere in his body since that pop happened.

    The human body is remarkable and resilient and sometimes weird in regards to how it compensates to aid in an apparent surprise healing.

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