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Physio therapy 3 weeks post op l4/5 l5 s1 progress

Hi everyone,today i been to physio therapist first time today after having l4/5 l5  s1 tlif fusion 3 weeks ago and she is telling me its ok to bend etc and looked at me silly when i said ive been told not to bend and twist from the trunk !?everywhere i read tells you not to till bone graft starts forming healing etc,they gave me some excersises stretches to do which is good,but she also said”yeah its ok to bend alittle ans twist,now im unsure now i know there trained but im on the fence dont fancy having this op again ever ! Please can anyone share there level of therapy at this stage just to double chaeck many thanks apreciate any replies.  



  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
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    In almost every day life, there is bound to be some times when bending and twisting is required.  It would be almost impossible for anyone to refrain from doing that at all.  You would have to be in an armored body suit to stop that.

    Unfortunately, I do not know just how much is how much.  You've heard from your therapist, now I would talk to your doctor.

  • Hi thanks for your input i understand i will have to bend at some point it just seems abit early reading on ere and other spine groupsabout refraining from alot of bending atleast 3 months,im going to ring the hospital i had surgery with and see what they say,its a bit of a pain i live 4 hours from that hospital  :( Thanks again 

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  • I was not even allowed to start therapy for 3 months after fusion, I know every doctor is different and I am not one to question yours, but I would for sure talked to them about the bending & twisting 

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  • I would be asking the surgeon — not a physical therapist — what instructions I am to follow post-op.

  • Hi yes ive asked the surgeon,its not them that do the aftercare its a physiotherapy team in the uk from 3 weeks post opp,im not doing any of it yet though,currentlly going through the poppingweird sensations where tendons muscles etc are settling around the hardware,starting to get me down abit now if im honest,still having a lot of left side leg/ foot nerve pain etc,been on this road for 4 years so im sure i will come out stringer finally,thanks everyone  :)

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  • Bending & twisting should be done very carefully and slowly. I’m 10 weeks post-op from L4-S1 fusion now and I am only now becoming more adventurous. I hurt my back a few times and it took a few days for the pain to ease. I’m sure you won’t undo the hardware, but you can definitely strain or hurt yourself. Just do everything slowly, which gives you early warning if your starting to hurt yourself. Physio’s mean well, but they don’t feel your pain!

  • Thankyou. For your kind words,I'm now nearly 6 weeks still got burning in left foot ouch! Back wise i think I'm getting better slowly,hope your doing well to mate

  • Strongbull,  In my case PT didn't start until week 12 after my first L3-S1 fusion and then after the revision at L5-S1, 16 weeks. My Dr. advised me to : do not sit more than 15 min.  never twist or lift or bend, no stairs at all, always were my brace....for 16 weeks. I did just that and I still have a psuedo joint at L5-S1.  Take it easy, ask the Surgeon, be careful who you trust as I've had good and bad PT's . Best of the future to you.

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