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Back fusion to pelvic

Hi everyone,

I'm Nana123. I have been told that one of my doctors wants to do a fusion (L5-S1) to my Pelvic. I have Osteoporosis and this is the first doctor that has mentioned this procedure. I am a little apprehensive about it. Has anyone had a procedure like this and how are you doing and what was your recovery time? Thank you.



  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 809


    A lumbar fusion surgery is MAJOR surgery and for most people the recovery is measured in months not weeks. There's lot of info and postings/stories here on this forum about the recovery time and experiences.   If you suffer from osteoporosis it makes the recovery/results from fusion surgery more risky... since your bones are more porous, weaker, and generally in not good health.  A good fusion result requires strong bone growth after surgery to solidly fuse the related lumbar sections.  Like you I also have osteoporosis and after my first fusion surgery the L5-S1 joint didn't grow and fully fuse (failed fusion) so after 18 months I had to go back to surgery for a redo of the fusion surgery for that joint.  You seem to have some doubts about your doctor's recommendation for surgery... if this is the case you should seek out a second opinion.  Fusion surgery is a BIG step... and you need to be fully confident/comfortable with any decisions and plans your doctors decide on..

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