L5-S1 Surgery 6 Years Ago - Pain Back But On Other Side


This forum was very helpful years ago when I had my first back surgery. It was a L5-S1 microdisectomy. I had severe sciatic pain in my right leg so the neurosurgeon only removed the right side portion of my disc even though it was a bilaterally extruded disc.

I had waited a few years before deciding on surgery so post surgery, the surgeon told me the disc had calcified but that he got the right side out. The right side has been doing great since surgery.

Well 6 years later, and the same pain has returned to the left side now. I remember asking the surgeon to just get both sides out in the first surgery but he convinced me to just do the side with the symptoms. 

Does anyone have experience with a situation like this? I’m thinking it may have to be a repeat microdisectomy surgery, 6 years later, on the same site but on the left side. 

I would think it should be an easy operation and I should be able to return to work sooner. The first surgery I took 4 weeks. I’m in my low 30’s and the first surgery was due to a sports injury.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 



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