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Second microdiscectomy

Good evening, I'm new here and will get straight to the point...I had a microdiscectomy May of 2017, surgery and the recovery process were more than perfect. The procedure lasted a little over a year and then I re-herniated the same disc. I tried oral steroids, physical therapy and injections to no avail. I will be having a second microdiscectomy on Jan.14th. I'm looking for any positive stories, feedback or advice. I REALLY want this one to work and LAST. The thought of having a fusion terrifies me. Thank you in advance. 



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  • @grtgrandma1aneeda70 I was sitting on the floor with my back leaned up against my bed. When I came forward and stood up, boom disc slipped again. 

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    hi mamamc40!
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    i'm so sorry you have to go trough this again. just try to remember after surgery, recovery takes time and patience. i know you didn't do anything unusual to re-herniate but hopefully this will fix the problem.
    below is a link if you would like to join jan. surgery buddies.
    january 2019 surgery buddies 
    you will meet other members who are waiting on surgery then recovery.
    hope to see you there!

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  • when you said "boom, disc slipped again"   can you describe what that felt like and did the same pain return immediately

  • I had a reherniation after my first surgery at L5, I was operated on again 3 months after first, went back to work after 4 weeks as an auto mechanic and this time it lasted 15 years, I finally had to get it fused but I had a lot of good years in between and if I had taken better care of myself who knows. Good luck and feel better soon

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  • I suffered with multiple disc herniations L2 through S1) for decades, mainly because they wanted to do a fusion and I didn’t want it. after retiring I decided to get it fixed one way or the other. I went to a well respected spine center and the first thing I was told, after a series of tests, was that I didn’t need a fusion. He said my spinal alignment was good and my stability was very good.

    The MRI showed bad pinching of my spinal cord at L3/L4 and severe pinching at L4/L5. His solution was a two level micro-laminectomy.  So, not only was the protruding disc material removed but the bone of the back of each vertebra was completely and permanently removed. Removing the bone made it easier to work on the spinal canal and discs and it also makes it a bit less likely for further disc protrusions to cause problems since there’s nothing for the spinal cord to be compressed least to the back side of the spinal canal.

    Anyway, I post this to say first, make sure you really need a fusion and secondly that my microlaminectomy made a huge improvement for me.

  • @in_recovery So sorry for my delayed response. I knew immediately that I had re-herniated. The pain was back the second that I stood up. I tried all the same methods as before to self heal but no luck. Second surgery Mon. Say a little prayer for me. Still scared 

  • @challenger any suggestions on how to make the second one last? Did you do anything specific or avoid anything specific? Your story makes me feel better about going into surgery a second time. 

  • mamamc40- Honestly I concentrated on everything that pertained to my back, I strengthened my core muscles and really watched how much I lifted and of course limited bending and twisting. I was an auto mechanic at the time so I really had to watch and be careful, I made it 30 years before fusion. I think the main thing is just be very careful after surgery and remember you have had surgery, like you can forget. Good luck with your surgery and keep us posted on your progress.

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  • @challenger my biggest fear is that it the surgery won't work at all this time. Especially since the first one was pretty perfect. I guess I'll plan for the worst and expect the best. Thank you!

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