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Phantom Stimulation

I’ve had a stimulator since May 2018 I was told by my rep. to leave it on all the time. Following his direction until I felt like it was making my pain worse kinda like over stimulation, so I turned the stimulator off for several hours and I could feel stimulation in both hands and finger tips, Until I found this forum I thought my damn stimulator was broke and wasn’t turning off. I talked to my rep. and he has no answers. I went to a doctor the rep. recommended he was in total shock! Has anyone found any resolution? This is extremely difficult, please help.  



  • @Airplaneguy are you sure what you're feeling in your hands and finger tips is really stimulation? Your device rep should be able to confirm that your SCS unit is really off. I once thought I was getting some crossover stimulation (left side stimulation in my ribs from right side program) but it turned out to be some type of muscle spasm or twitch that went away on its own. Is it possible you have some type of pins and needles numbness in your hands and finger tips that feels like stimulation? 

  • I hope you have found resolution by now but I'm surprised your rep didn't tell you it takes at least 48 hours for the stimulation to leave your body. Everyone is different but if you are hypersensitive, like i was, it's easy to get over stimulated. Do you have a HF SCS? They are developing more programs all the time, one called duty cycling, which works well for those who are hypersensitive. Ask your rep or call tech support. 

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  • AirplaneguyAAirplaneguy Posts: 7
    edited 03/04/2019 - 9:57 PM

    Vince in Philly I had the stimulator removed and I’m still feeling the stimulation sensation. I’ve had the stimulator out for two weeks.  The stimulation sensation  moved down the right side of my body my chest, arm, hand, groin, leg I can even feel it my toes,  My Paddle Electrode was implanted at C1. Ive been researching everything about the nervous system. My understanding is everything below where the electrodes were placed at C1 can be affected both motor and sensory nerve signals going to and from the brain.

  • AirplaneguyAAirplaneguy Posts: 7
    edited 03/04/2019 - 9:53 PM

    Joanne2 the scs rep. told me it could take up to a week for the washout to sudside. I’m going on 3 months and the stimulator has been removed and it hasn’t stopped. 

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