I'm most likely headed to surgery for a reherniation of my L4-L5.  I've been told that it would most likely be a fusion.   I know a lot of people that have had fusions with continued pain and disability and I will do just about anything to avoid a fusion.   I've been looking into artificial disc replacement .  Europe seems to be light years ahead of the US in this area but that financially is not something I can afford to do,  going to Europe.   Does anyone have any experience with lumbar disc replacement in the US?



  • I had cervical ADR. Lumbar ADR results are not as robust as cervical. 

  • I would be asking the surgeon what kind of shape the disc in question is.

    For example:

    How much loss in disc height?

    How well-hydrated is the disc?

    Are there signs of disc degeneration disease?

    I personally wouldn’t want an ADR unless the disc is totally to almost totally shot.

    If I was a microdisectomy candidate and went forward with the procedure I would follow the surgeons post-op instructions to a tee.

    IMO there’s far too many posts from people who have reherniated due to incorrect body mechanics post-op.

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