Had an ALIF a week ago; sit pain, hamstring soreness still present - how long to alleviate?

I had an L5 S1 ALIF a week ago.  I have been dealing with chronic sit pain and left side dominant hamstring pain for years. It basically hurts to sit, right at my left sit bone/ischia and runs down my left leg, hamstring, and hip some. It flaires up when I exercise. Doesnt bother me when I stand but is frustratingly ever-present when I sit. I tried all sorts of injections (prolo, prp, epidural), PT, etc and have never gotten any relief. The only thing that was clear from all the imaging was that I had a grade 2 L5 S1 pars defect, spondylolisthesis.  So I finally decided to have the ALIF since it was stabilize it now when Im relatively young (42) or have a harder recovery and more issues dealing with it later.  I am not 100% sure that the sit pain and leg soreness is coming from the spondy - I cant get a doc to be definitive on it.  There have been other theories but none that really made sense or that were addressed by the solution (PT, prp injection, etc).  Has anyone else had this similar chronic sit pain, leg pain from a similar L5 S1 area spondy/fracture?  Has anyone had an ALIF to address this sit pain, radiating leg pain and had the ALIF solve the pain?  If so how long to feel relief, to have the nerves settle/repair and feel relief?  I recognize its only been a week but my sit pain is the same as it was before the surgery.  Good news is I am recovering quickly from the incisions and surgical pain and am walking around no problem.  I just hope that this ALIF surgery addresses the sit pain, leg pain that has tortured me for years.  Thank you in advance for any useful experiences and positive guidance/suggestions.



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    After my fusion surgeries seemed to be one of the things with also, I found that an ice pack was very helpful, It probably took me a good 6 weeks before sitting was comfortable again, that is just my experience. Doctors told me to not sit in excess of 20 minutes, as I said that was my DR. not sure what yours said if at all, main thing is be patient and give your body time to heal. Hope your recovery goes well and you feel better soon.  

  • Hi! I had an ALIF 3 years ago for spondylolisthesis, when I was 42. Mine was grade 1, same place. Definitely give it more time. Your nerves may calm down.  

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