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frustrated and confused

2 in a half months ago I was rear ended at a gas station. The guy meant to go forward but reversed hitting me. At the time I didn't feel any symptoms. A day later I felt a onset of pain behind neck and head. I had dizziness, blurriness, arm weakness and leg balance issues. I went to ER and did x ray mir of neck all comes back normal, doctor orders a brain cat scan and mir and comes back normal as well. At this time I'm walking fine no more balance issues, just some arm weakness and neck pain. The pain has subsided dramatically, but have a few symptoms one of them is I can't pick my head up without a referred pain/stretch to top of head. If I touch my shoulder on left it sends the same pain to the top of my head. Also, when I'm resting to try and sleep I get a weird vibration internally in my left leg that works its way up to my neck and head with no pain. Ive seen two different neurologist and both of them have done full MRI of neck back and low back and everything keeps coming back normal, Ive done eeg,emg and all comes back normal as well. however the second mri showed 2 budging dis on c5 and c6, I'm seeing a spine surgeon soon for more opinions. I'm tired and sad I hardly sleep because of this and my children affected by this situation. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. btw all 3 specialist keeps saying the internal vibration is from anxiety, which is pretty frustrating because although it might be I believe these are symptoms that they're missing. 



  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,518
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    Two Things

    First, did your doctors to discuss anything about whiplash with you?   

    Second, what did your doctors say in terms of treatment of those cervical discs?

  • Thank you for taking the time to read my condition. They said the disc bulges were normal, nothing to illustrate the symptoms I'm complaining about. They did two MRI and both came back normal and even one of my head all normal. My spine surgeon wants me to do a stand up MRI because he suspects mylopathy in the cervical region. I'm afraid he might suggest surgery. I'm pretty much pain free only when I turn my head or flex it hurts my head a lot. I'm hoping this can be resolved so

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