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Herniated disc at L4 and L5



  • Thanks Joanne, I had my pre op on Friday 28th December, I’m fit to have op so now a matter of waiting! A question I was going to ask is within the last 2-3 days I’m having pain higher in my back (in between my shoulder blades) is this normal with a herniated disc at l4-l5

  • Good luck on your surgery. On your MRI did it reveal the nerve damage or did your doctor just do the leg test and that revealed the nerve damage? Just wondering?

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  • Hi Ryan, they did the leg test and I assumed that was it but on the pre op the nurse did show me a letter which stated that the disc was impinging the l5 nerve
  • Calz88, funny you should ask that. As i said I'm no professional, not even close but I'm having the same problem and I asked my PT yesterday and she said she would GUESS it's just referred pain. I guess when one part is injured other parts hurt. I drove over there which is all of 5 minutes and I was in tears when I got there. Not sure what's going on with me but I fear more bulging around the L4 because of L5S1 fusion. Anyway you can ask at your preop but I know that's a long time to wait. I also know how tough it is not to be able to drive or do things, you'll have to take it easy until your surgery. Find things to distract yourself, use lots of ice, I like the large (brand name) reusable packs because they are flat and work well with a thin towel around them. I'll be praying for you! 

  • Calz88, I've had the same issue and of course I can't say for sure but my PT said her best GUESS was referred pain caused by muscles trying to compensate. I've had to stop driving too because my leg goes into spasms. It's tough but take it easy until your surgery date. Prayers for patience, endurance and a successful surgery. 

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  • My pain hasn’t been to bad but the last 4-5 days it seems to of got a lot worse! In my legs at least, rang the gp and she’s upped my amitriptyline to 7 tablets before bed! My gp believes there isn’t any real good drug for nerve pain but amtriptyline has been proven to do some good! My wife has said I have started to kick my leg in sleep almost constantly again a new symptom! My leg does give way more times aswell now! Just hoping for an op date ASAP! 

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