MRI immediately after surgery

hi all! Question: I am going to the spine surgeon in January to sign papers for lumbar laminectomy in April. He said they can do an updated MRI of my neck after surgery while I’m still in the hospital. But am I going to be able to lie still long enough for it to be done? I’m more inclined to request it be done in January as office procedure (1-to be “free” to me costwise; and 2-it would possibly be “more comfortable” on my back. Any thoughts or opinions? Thanks. (BTW-neck laminectomy possibly will be done in July.)



  • Updated MRI to see how much worse things have gotten in 4 years; and it can be done in office where insurance pays 100%. I’ll have to pay 20% if done in hospital. Orthopedic practice boasts they are largest in area, and have their own MRI equipment. 20% may or may not be issue with out of pocket. Depends on who files first. 

  • Is the surgeon doing your surgery in April 2019 using a four year old MRI currently? I personally would want a more up to date MRI prior to my surgery, for my surgeon to refer to.

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  • I’ve had 2 different opinions: no new mri if I’m not seriously considering surgery; and need new mri to make my decision. Have new mri on back and surgeon says sooner rather than later. He feels I need new mri for neck as that also may be a sooner rather than later deal. 

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