How long its been

20 years of dealing with who,what and how I am

Learning to cope with multiple...multilevel  issues

Not leaving life out of my life

Gaining a long view perspective most can't,won't or don't want to accept as normal. Rather they fight an uphill battle against what is...rejecting what can be for some momentary straw to grasp.

Learning to roll...flow and bend

You can talk till your blue in the face and people still ignore what your saying.

So you learn to stand  up on your feet and walk away from toxic  and you grow up. You learn that some are worth the keeping

And some letting go....

In the end..its years gone and how did you spend them? Did you waste your time urinating and moaning or did you just move on despite and in spite of the pain?

Did you waste your time? Your still alive and nothing will change that.I deal with all my issues without meds or any is why it is. I just let moving on by learning  to live on the things that fill me up and carry my soul.

Some rise

Some fall

I've been to the bottom too many times to not learn how to climb out again...and I've seen those ho choose not to fight

Everyone has their something  because you don't live and not learn

Pain and suffering to me are just that, a psychological phenomenon  that I deal with

Pain stops me from one thing..I move on to another

Don't cry,don't despair.just....move on

Spiney... there is life outside of pain and suffering

You learn to deal and move on

Be well Spiney.



  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,163

    Thank you William!!

  • One thing I learned bout stress is that the more you have..there is less room to grow.

    If my pain intrudes too many times a day to ignore..I used to drop everything to tend to it...

    Then, a laziness set in that precluded wanting to learn anything because it meant stretching out limited resources to was easier to just sit and wallow.

    A laziness of sorts of the mind.

    But when the pain lessened I tended to have more mental capacity for learning.

    At those points  I learned new pleasurable pursuits.

    With this  winter weather I seem to be shutting down and merely content to sit under a blanket and not think.

    Its comfortable..easy and familiar...

    And then..sometimes I get my layers on and walk through winters crunchy grass

    Hear the wind in the wires..whispering a welcome

    Listen to the grass talking or the sussuration in the live oak leaves

    Or smell the sweet wood smoke perfume the cold wind as I shuffle carefully around the parking lot.i hve learned a fear of falling lately.

    It is a badthing to learn a fear I think, I weighs on other things in your life.

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