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Surgery on 12/21

Hi everybody, My name is Lorain.My ACDF surgery was on Friday 12/21. I had c5 and c6 done.  I do know that how I’m feeling ( which is terrible) is “normal” right now. I’m also scared.... I did start to feel some slight tingling yesterday morning ,also had a slight fever and I’m extremely weak. I do need to start eating more.. but everything has to be mashed/ puréed... I do have a question for those that have been through this.... have you experienced any form of sleep apnea from surgery? It seem every time I fall asleep I either start snoring weirdly or I wake meself up cause I can’t breathe right. I am hoping it’s just a temporary thing cause my throat muscles are weak right now. I go for my first follow up this Thursday.



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    While you are waiting on other members to reply, go to the search box at the top right of the page and key in c5-c6 surgery, scroll down past the ads and there you will find other discussions on this surgery.
    Take care and please keep us posted.

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  • challengercchallenger Posts: 1,230
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    Be careful and watch that fever, I would probably talk to my doctor about that, just in case. After my ACDF it took about 2 weeks before my throat felt better. Hang in there and feel better soon

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  • joowee40joowee40 Mississippi Posts: 313

    I agree with what challenger said. Call your dr about any fever whether its low or high bc that indicates potential infection and with you feeling weak that is worrisome. It doesnt hurt anyone to make a phone call so dont feel like an idiot for it. Better safe than sorry. Hope you feel better!

  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 918
    lorain - Good advice from @challanger and @joowee40.  I've had three ACDFs and every time, I found myself "spooked" by similar symptoms that you are having.  Make sure any fever does NOT get beyond the range on your discharge instructions.  If you have any concerns, call your surgeons office.  My surgeons office joked with me that "I should know what to expect now that It was my third ACDF".  They knew that I knew they were joking with me.  I had a CBC ordered to confirm that my white cell count was normal. 
    Better to call your surgeon's office for a "false alarm" than to end up with a medical emergency.   

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  • I had my ACDF on 12/21 also! Same spot too, c5 & c6. I too felt weak and had a mild temp (99.1) but it went away after a day. I also had no appetite. If I slept flat I snored and drooled lol. I bought a wedge pillow from sleep number and after I got that pillow it stopped.  

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