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2 cervical surgeries and now lower back is jacked up!

I had acdf c4 thru c7 dec 2015 and didnt fuse well and had posterior revision c4 thru c7 march 2018. Having a myelogram this Friday so they can why I am still hurting so much and my hand is still going to sleep but the big thing is my lower back suddenly started killing me 3 wks ago and I cannot bend over, getting up and down makes me shriek out loud, anything even a deep breath makes it hurt. I've had a bulging disc at l4/5 but it has not been a surgical issue nor a pain problem even though they found it years ago after my rear end accident and trying to find why my right lower back hurt and that turned out to be a hypermobile si joint which they settled down with injections and it's not been a problem since. This however is on the left and feels nothing like my si joint did. This hurts 24/7. My pm dr said he thought it was muscular and should settle down but it's been 3 wks and nothing has changed and I'm getting worried that I am headed to the old operating table yet again. Ugh! I talked my surgeons pa and they said they would have to see me for my back since all they have seen me for is my neck and couldn't include it in with my cervical myelogram unfortunately and said to get the pm to order an MRI since he saw me at the onset of this crap. All that being said, wonder what it feels like when a lumbar disc suddenly herniated? It isnt radiating down into my leg like si joint did and I'm not numb but my thigh muscles on top and bottom ache enough that I am absentmindedly rubbing them. I'm just really concerned and kind of pissed that this mess is never going to stop to where i can say i can get back to my life. As many things that they transplant now like faces and hearts etc, why haven't they come up with a spinal cord and vertebrae transplant for people like us?? I swear if i was in the medical field i would be trying to get a grant to fund this study!

Can anyone tell me if they have had cervical surgeries like me and then started on lumbar? And tell me what it feels like to herniate a lumbar disc?




  • Hi,

    I had acdf c5/6 a few years ago, which has worked well. Before surgery I was worried what the impact would be on an old upper thoracic injury I had. Although that's been ok - I was surprised (not sure why...) to find that the surgery really aggravated a lower thoracic problem way over a year after surgery (don't think a disk issue). I was really worried for months that I'd have to go back through the surgery route (this nerve(?) pain cuts through my stomach and is way worse than anything from my neck - I just have to lie down until it's gone) - but eventually physio exercises started to kick in (it is still a problem, but not every day now). I think all my muscle weakness just went way overboard after surgery - but it was weird that it was so delayed after surgery (I'd already started physio months before, but we changed some of the focus at this point, also had xrays).

    Anyway, I guess the point is that surgery anywhere on your spine can probably influence any other area of your spine. 

    Good luck with your MRI.

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