tissue formation around the nerve root after surgery



  • Choover- Most PT offices have ultrasound machines, of course only they can make the decision to use it on you, my therapist have used it after my surgeries for that purpose. And yes that is the reason for the name, 2016 Challenger RT classic plus. Good luck and feel better soon

  • Good to know!! I love my car...cant wash it right now and it's just a mud ball due to snow and cold weather lol. I tried the mistake of washing 22 degrees once. Didnt try it again. Ha!

    Anyway...did you use ultrasound after your spinal surgeries? If so I may call my surgeon and ask about it. Thank you for your advice.

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  • Yes my therapist have used ultrasound on me many times after surgery.

  • Challenger- I am on cobra insurance and not working BUT I may foot the bill if my old PT clinic will do ultrasound on spine. My PT was awesome. Thanks for the advice man.

    Ps anyone who has any experience with this please please chime in.

  • ChooverCChoover Posts: 48
    edited 02/22/2019 - 5:00 PM

    *Update* incase anyone is reading these threads. So granulation tissue is "healing tissue" and is extremely common and normal after surgery. However, if around the spinal nerve root there can be problems (radiculopathy), even similar to a herniated disc. Its connective tissue that can turn into scar tissue, and some docs will even call it scar tissue.

    Granulation tissue can "shrink". It can also possibly "remodel" to better accommodate the nerve. that's the good. I would guess it could also lead to epidural fibrosis, that's the bad. Scar tissue encasing the nerve root. There are possible things to do to hopefully avoid the later~

    For me, I have decided to get further treatments, which consists of more epidural steroid injections and I'm currently on a dose pack. I am also really watching my diet (lost 12 pounds already!!!) with eating healthier foods. I am walking 3-4 times a day on my treadmill right now 16 minutes at a time at a very low speed. I am also icing 3-4 times a day. I am working again with my physical therapist, using ultrasound therapy and really focusing on increasing my lumbo pelvic area strength and flexibility. 

    My sleeping habits are just terrible. I cant help it. I have always been an early riser for 20 years or more, but (currently) when you cant sleep it is what it is. My doc today put me on gabapentin (sorry spelling?) today and ill try using that to help with the pain and hopefully get some good nights sleep.

    I am trying to quit all perscription pain medicine and muscle relaxers (none for 5 days so far!) except over the counter NSAIDS (ibuprofen and naproxen), and If I use them I try to use one week then off one week (easier on my stomach). I only have 3 tramadol left and I'm saving them incase I really act up in pain. Cyclobenzaprine did seem to help, but I'm going to try and go without and if I can tolerate it.

    I am currently applying for disability. However, I do have some minor improvements recently (small, I have a long way to go, but right now any improvements are extremely appreciated). I can use stairs a bit better, get out of cars a bit better, seem to have (overall) less pain and may be able to sit a little longer now.

    What did the surgeon say? he said that I needed to do SOMETHING. From his end, he said he could possibly do a spinal stimulator or he "might" consider removing the tissue. He used the work "might" about 3 times and said he wasn't sure.

    I know why he said this. Granulation tissue can come RIGHT BACK the same dang way it came in lol. I'm guessing if done with a lazer, There may be better results?'s to feeling better!!


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  • Did your pain management doctor mention a procedure called epidural adhesiolysis?

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