The Last one Standing is the winner

That's right,after it's all said and done it's not the strongest nor the most able

The most Wiley  or fiercest 

It's all of them and none of them

After it's all said and done and the dust settles it's a matter of who is left.

That  is who you are Spiney the last one standing after all the battles inside and out.

It's not pretty nor glamorous it's not heroic or fierce

It's getting up one more time than the beat down

Raise your fist in defiance to the beast and get.back.up.

It's in you to be the last one standing.



Experience doesn't matter 

What matters is having the heart to get back up every time,the will to act toward that and most important 

To have the fighting spirit  to carry  to you through.

You have to want it bad any goal you have to be in the game,fully invested in the game to win it

And if your knocked down..get back up EVERYTIME. question

Set your mind to it and go forth fearlessly 

If you don't know how


If you are tired

Ask for help

If you are weak


If you never had to

Ask someone here who has..because some day someone will ask you

Learn to fight the pain and darkness

Learn to balance  the Mind,Body and Spirit

Because at times one will carry the others 

Will HAVE to carry the others

Learn to harden yourself for the fight every day you can do this and it's done every day. 

The lack of will is a lazy easy excuse for giving in

Unless that's what you want...

Fear-anger-depression....we all live with it

It happens and its part of who we one is exempt 

The strong carry the weak until they are strong enough to stand

In turn the weak help those weaker and we are all stronger  because of it.

No issue is insurmountable 

If A don't work? B. keep looking for solutions,keep digging deep and you will get stronger in this Spiney Life.

Get after it Spiney



  • William, you made me smile and ready to face the day and with God's help and the help of others, I. Will. Do. It! Press on. 

  • Glad to see the inner smile!

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  • Thank You! I needed that today! Yesterday I came home from another surgery and thought I'm done with this ,I can't, I won't go through another one. Today I picked up my phone and looked for someone who understands. So thank you,  because that's what I do, I get back up, each time. No, maybe no one in my immediate circle can or will ever understand what its like to fight your own body from the inside out on a daily basis. ( and somedays i swear it feel like its just stubborness & pure will dragging my carcass around) But I do it, because im tougher than that, im more than that! Thanks again

  • No problem, i always had a stubborn streak..ijust didt know when it would come handy!

    Turning hard for some is a trial and they think it may be impossible

    Nothing is impossible...nothing is out of bounds when your fighting for your place..the winner isnt dictated by a set of rules in stone..the winner is the most flexible mentally.bend,dont break..the days of my way only are done and adaptability is key

    An evolutionary step.

    Be well and keep that chin up!

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