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good news

i havent been to this forum in a while but i thought i'd return to share good news. A year ago I herniated L4 &5 and it progressed to a point that i had to lay flat for any relief after walking or standing for any period of time. I had PT which didnt help. After suffering 6 months, i started googling obsessively out of desperation. What started to turn things around for me was: laying on a heating pad (electric, not moist) for 2 hrs at night while watching tv/reading and getting a  foam pad that fit within the curve of my lower back, to prevent it from "flattening". I also lifted NOTHING heavy, no squatting or crouching. If i dropped something, it stayed there!. I did this for months and slowly, VERY slowly ( 5-6 more months?) i recovered. I heard that if the pain lasts 3-6 months that you need shots or surgery, but i was afraid of both. i basically traeted my back with extreme TLC, used naproxen sparingly, and i did eventually heal. I just wanted to return with positive news and to wish you all good luck.



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  • keephope, love your username :). And good for you!!! That is awesome news! I had a fusion of L5/S1 about a year and a half ago and recently started having severe pain in that area which scares me because I know a fusion can stress the discs above it. I heat and ice a lot but it's too painful to lay on my back. PT helps but just gives comfort for that day. I just had piriformis injections and see my wonderful PM team on January 3 and hopefully they can figure this out. But anyway, soooo happy for you and take it easy strengthening that back again. 

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  • You healed or you just stopped feeling pain?

  • Good news but I just wonder if you can exercise.

    To me if I can’t even ride a recumbent bike, or use an elliptical or rowing machine, etc. (which I cannot, unfortunately) without back pain, thigh pain, scrotal pain amplifying and going thru the roof then that means my body is currently in a broken state rather than in a recovery or recovering state.

    I’m curious if you’ve tried to exercise and if so if it triggers any pain. 

  • Good for you!!  It's always great to hear success stories.

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  • I just checked back. to L4_L5: No, I am no longer exercising. Im scared! I hope to return at some point but i dont want to risk it. I take VERY good care of my back now. Last week i had some slight lower back ache, so i started sleeping with the lower back support pad, heating it every night, and in 3 days pain was gone. The first time around, i didnt listen to my body. If i exercise again, it wont be on a machine. I'll use small free weights. The machines you mentioned are all really rough on the back.  To Ryanneedshelp: I cant get another MRI, so i'll never know what is actually occuring in my back, but i have no more sciatic pain. Its most likely that the disc material retreated or was re-absorbed just enough to not impinge on the sciatic nerve.

  • and good luck to you Joanne!

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