Just joining surgery buddies. I had surgery on 12/13/18

Hi everyone,

I am joining this group late, but have been reading your posts. I did post on the newbie site.

A little history:  It began having back problems last year.  Severe back spasms running down my left leg, almost making me drop to the ground (I usually have high pain tolerance).  Went to my doctor, took xrays and started PT.  No help.  Sent to get an MRI.  A synovial cyst was found on mt left side of my spine (L4L5).   Was sent to a pain management doctor who gave me pain medication.  Helped a little but pain continued.  Sent for an epidural.  Worked for about a month.  Went for another epidural, no help.

Went to 2 neurosurgeons who both said I needed surgery to remove the cyst.  Had surgery 6/28/18. They removed part of the bone and removed as much of the cyst tat the surgeon could.  He said is was very close to the nerve.  Waited 6 weeks to start PT.  Completed 6 weeks of PT.  During PT I felt my right side beginning to bother me.  Told my neurosurgeon and said to take pain medication and let him know if pain continued.  It did, so he ordered another MRI.  Now I had a synovial cyst on the right side.

The neurosurgeon said I had spine instability in the L4L5 area which was causing the cysts.  He said the only cure for instability was removal of the cyst and spinal fusion.

I had surgery on 12/13/18.  I was in the hospital for 3 days.  I was not prepared for the extreme pain.  I was ready to die.  I kept asking myself why did I have this surgery (I don’t think I had a choice due to the pain increasing).  The actual incisions were not painful, but the nerve spasms were debilitating.  I had such a hard time getting out of bed due to the pain.  They were giving me pain medication, that made me sick.  They finally prescribed oxycodone, 2 pills every 4 hours, and muscle spasm medication.  The pain was not gone, but allowed me to go home.

The spasms continued at home.  I continued with the oxycodone, muscle spasms medication, Tylenol.  Each day I am getting a little better, and now just taking Tylenol and muscle relaxers.

Besides not realizing how much pain I would be in after surgery,  I didn’t realize how emotional and depressed I would become.  I already suffer from depression/anxiety and I am on medication for it.  I wish I could have been prepared for this.

Since posting on the newbie page, getting support from other members, reading about how surgery can cause depression, I am doing better every day.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and wonderful recovery.



  • Glad you're doing better, each day. Pain and immobility is just depressing,  anyway. And it's not unusual, when coming off of pain meds, to have some depression. Your body needs to relearn making dopamine. 

    I appreciate your insight. It will help me better prepare.

  • I had my L5-S1 fusion 3 weeks ago. I can relate to feeling down. Its a long surgery to recover from. Itshard when all uou feel like you can do is walk and lay in bed. I have gound great comfort in guided meditation when i sm feeling diwn. 

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