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Daily lower back spasms (normal?)

Hey everyone my name is Ryan and I have a paracentral herniated disc at the L5-S1. I herniated this disc back in July but didn't get an MRI until late Oct. Anyway, I always develop this "lump" on my lower left back above my waist. It happens daily now and gets worse with prolong standing. Is this typical disc herniation behavior? Ive also noticed it gets even worse if I try to wear any kind of lifting shoes like boots or dress shoes and my back instantly spasms and stiffens to a ridiculous point. Has anyone else had this or a similar experience?



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    If it were me, I'd see my doctor.
     I have the same problem, starts out as a lump and sometimes gets as big as a football. We have tried everything, PT, injections, even Botox. I take 750 mg. Robaxin, 3 x day, some days it helps some it doesn't.
    My PM doctor told me the muscles will tighten up and try to protect any injury to the spine. But please check with your doctor to make sure what it is.
    Take care and keep us posted.

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  • Echoing what Sandra suggested...get your doctor to check it out.  Ever since I had surgery, my back muscles seem to stay in spastic mode.  It's weird because in the morning when I wake up, I can just lay there and feel them start spasming.  It's not painful at that point, but as the day goes on and if I stand up too long, I really pay for it.  Your best bet is to see your doc and ask what he/she thinks is the best treatment for it.  I do use my heating pad from time to time which helps.


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  • Thank you to everyone responding. Ive already told my pain management doc. She doesn't really comment on it and didn't even prescribe anything. She recommends physical therapy and I'm going to start that soon. I've already had an epidural. I just notice my lower back always lumps on the left side like a swollen bruise. Its discomforting but its not excruciating. I just take Advil for it but im trying to lean off of it as I know that long term use can have side effects. Anyway thanks again

  • Another option would be to see your primary care doc about the spasms.  Since it's not pain medication they would most likely prescribe, he/she may be willing to try a muscle relaxer for you.  The muscle lumps your describing are what kick in by the end of the day for me and are pretty uncomfortable.  Once they get to the point where it's driving me nuts, I'll go to my massage therapist who works the knots out.  Hurts like heck while he is doing it, but afterwards it is well worth it!

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  • Thanks for responding EMS Guy. I haven't seen my primary since he refused to take my lower back pain seriously. I told him I was having severe lower back pain for 3 months (at the time). He said it was just muscle spasms and asked why I was so nervous? He didn't believe an MRI was necessary and told me to do 6 weeks of physical therapy and if I was still in pain 6 weeks later he would approve an MRI. 

    I knew that was horse so I saw an orthopedic he approved an mri. Turns out I had a bulging disc at L4/L5 and a disc herniation at the L5S1. 

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  • Sounds like a new Primary Care Doc may be in your future!  Out of your whole health team, your PCP should be your biggest supporter if they know you better than all the others.

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