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No curve to my neck.

Hello everybody I just want to to know if anybody else had this problem. Out of the blue back in October are started getting pain I want to my primary doctor they just said it was muscle spasms well finally after 3 months I went to Ortho doctor they did an x-ray and said that my neck is straight and has no curve. I go for an MRI on Monday so they can figure out what's causing this I work with small children and right now they don't want me to do that until I have the MRI has anybody else ever had this problem and what can I do to fix it and do you know the cause because I have not been in an accident or anything like that



  • Hi @BELLA0912 yes I have the same thing. My problem was caused by a car accident in 2011. Mine can not be reversed and deteriorating quickly.

    I have heard a lot of younger people are getting it  as they spend a lot of time on there phones ect. That reason is called text neck. 

    Let us know how your mri goes , let’s hope yours can be helped. 

  • Thank you I will. I never been in a car accident but my job for the past 20 years dealt with alot of lifting and straining so Idk? 

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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 668

    Just wondering if it is caused by  not using your neck muscles. Maybe a form of atrophy ...?  I’m not a doctor just guessing 

  • seems quite common these days

  • I have no idea  Came out of the blue in October and the pain has been chronic since 

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  • Muscle pains with monotonous jobs are related to Tendinitis, I guess. And where are you placed? If in Canada, I could suggest someone.

  • My story is long and complicated and my symptoms are weird, but after the plethora of tests I've gotten, the only thing that they found was loss of neck curve. But I bet that over 50%  of the population has a loss of neck curvature with the amount of time we spend at desk jobs, on computer, bad posture. So a loss of neck curvature couldn't possibly explain all my symptoms but it definitely might be due to prolonged bad posture, which stresses the muscles and ligaments that hold your spine together. 

  • My MRI shows C6 C7 arthritis and spinal stenosis in C6 still in pain everyday since October. It's getting depressing and Physical therapy is not helping. 

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,519

    What are the recommendations from your doctor?

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