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Level 3 ACDF Surgery C4-5,C5-6,C6-7 Recovery

I had Level 3 ACDF surgery on C4 thru C7 on Dec. 4th. Went to my follow up today Jan 4 2019. I have what feels like an obstruction at the base of my throat, that has been there since the surgery. The location of this feeling is at the end of the bracket "C7". It is the reason why I am experiencing this obstruction which is very uncomfortable, makes me feel like I have to burp, vomit or clear my throat. The feeling does not go away unless I eat something. I don't have any issues swallowing, my throat's not sore. In fact if it wasn't for this issue, I would say that the ACDF was successful. I've been told by my Spine Specialist's PA that if after one year, I still have this feeling or "issue", that they can go back in at remove the plate and screws. I'm so upset by that answer. So ultimately, I have to live like this for one year? Are you kidding me?  The PA placed me on a stronger Steroid, I guess she's hoping that the steroid will assist with the inflammation that is still present and help to get rid of the feeling of that obstruction. I will say that if I knew this would/could happen, I would not have gotten the surgery. I am so disgusted right now. My next follow up is March 4th. I guess I have no choice but to wait until then. Crossing my fingers that the steroids help. This obstruction is so intrusive. I feel like I have to continuously burp, It gives me additional digestive issues (I already have IBS and other gastric issues). It feels at times that my airway is obstructed, but it isn't. This is so annoying. Wondering if anyone out there has ever experienced this issue. I feel as if I've been left to deal with this all on my own. 



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    You are very early in recovery from a very intrusive surgery, I had the exact same surgery in February of 2018 and had a lot of the same symptoms as you afterwards it took about 2-3 months for everything to calm down, I am not quite a year out now and have no such symptoms now, Neck surgery is a very violent surgery, lots of bruising and swelling afterwards, please give all that time to calm down before you give up on your surgery as there will be ups and downs for awhile. Good luck and while I know it's hard try to keep a good attitude

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    Mary104 - You might want to consider getting and eval/opinion from an ENT specialist.    

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  • I had same surgery done dec 20th. After about a week i started having very similar symptoms,  i put it off as normal but last week it got worse, constantly feels like someone is choking me or something stuck in my lower throat.  Surgeon sent me in for a barion swallow test which was fine, waiting results of a ct scan, he says the feeling is not normal.

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