Facing loss of ability at 35 without established life



  • Wow, the doc just blew off the EMG? I have worked in pain/neuro/ortho for nearly 20 years and I doubt I’ve met more than a couple MDs who would’ve said something like that. If I’ve learned anything in my career in health care, it’s that doctors vary WILDLY in their competence and demeanor. I know you don’t have unlimited funds or options, but I would seek out other providers who might help you. And while our cases are each unique, I have had carpal-tunnel like symptoms that were actually due to a spinal compression. And that is where the EMG is critical.  

    I wish you the best of health and happiness going forward. Don’t give up and stay positive.  I am convinced of the power of positive thinking as it relates to pain and mood.  You can control more than you probably realize, but you must get an appropriate medial diagnosis and treatment. Godspeed Marc.

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