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Frustrated ex sportsman

AppledaveAAppledave Posts: 26
edited 01/05/2019 - 2:07 PM in Exercise and Rehab

Hi all Ian 36yrs, I have L4/5 DDD annular tear with a broad based disc bulge. 

Feel very lost as have always played sports, keep fit and weight trained then when my back started to suffer more frequently hoped swimming would be benifical/easier going.

 I was alternating breaststroke with front crawl which  felt fine during the swim though forced me to stop after about 2 months.

Any positive experiences of keeping up CV fitness with a disc injury? 



  • I can’t do any cardiovascular exercise and have an annular tear too.

    Are you a candidate for surgery?

  • Hi yes if I pushed I qualify as I’ve got DDD on a single level. Though very reluctant if would cause the disc above a fusion to have problems. Planning to see how this year goes before making a decision...

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  • Any progress or changes appledave? Ive been struggling with a droadbased disc protrusion and small annular tear for a year or so. Never really that much pain like a 2 out of 10 but has stopped me doing all cv fitness and sport i used to do allthe time. Has really changed my life for the worse. Seen and tried various physios/ specialists etc and all say they are confident il get back to what i love doing but at the minute im still struggling to string any two pain free days together. 

  • Hi up and down it’s been about a year know of managing pain daily. I can cycle a short distance to work but must keep upright. My job is very physical so it’s a nightmare. Keep a diary but does not seem to be a pattern. Main issue currently is pain. How old are you? What happens if you do a cv session?  Recently heard of IDD therapy so going to make some inquiries...

  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 383

    Try a recumbent bike and if you can manage to walk it will help.

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  • Appledave

    Sorry i didnt get back to you! Im 32 years old

    To be honest i havent really tried any cv fitness for fear of waking up the next day in more pain and then be like "why did i do that?"

    Funnily enough my mother done idd therapy for a disc problem in her neck and it didnt really do anything for her. Think she done 15-20 sessions and she still has bother from it - the theory sounds great and some people certainly seem to get releif but she unfortunately has not.  Im a groundsman so like you my job is very physical which on one side is good as i think sitting at a desk all day wouldn't help but i also feel that sometimes i keep aggravating it at work. 

  • Hi Rob 209 thanks for the message. Going to try IDD in a few weeks with an open mind. Currently struggling with night pain on a daily basis and like you can’t string 2 complete days pain free. Stretching legs before bedtime seemed to help as use a pillow under knees to sleep make them stiff I feel. Will keep you to get some Tumeric soon see if it helps....

  • Had 2 sessions of IDD therapy and a tiny bit of massage which gave some relief and less stiff waking up. It has worked its way back though after 8 days to pretty much the same. They suggest a full course of 10 treatments for IDD therapy so it’s an investment and annoyingly a 2 hr drive to the nearest location so unsure of its worth it....

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,253

    I found that cardiovascular to be the most productive of all the exercises I have done.  In the past, I really did not do any real cardiovascular exercises, mostly because of the multiple spinal and joint surgeries.  

    But then, in Feb 2018, I had quadruple bypass heart surgery.  During the recovery process I was on a 16 week cardiovascular program at the hospital.  I was limited to which equipment I could use because of my spinal/joint problems. 

    What I did use was the Treadmill,  Recumbent bike and a sitting bicycle arm pedal.  After only a few weeks into this program, I felt the best I had in years.  I realized just how de-conditioned I was because of previous surgeries.  Close to the end of this program, I had more energy, mobility and was starting to get some real balance back.  

    My feeling is that if your doctor approves you doing some sort of cardiovascular exercise, then that is a very positive action.

  • Thanks for the message dilauro you’ve certainly battled through a lot much appreciated. 

    I’m getting to that point almost more psychological that I need todo something but afraid it’ll hinder my disc injury recovery. I don’t seem to get more than 2 good days almost pain free together and not been for weeks. It’s been a year now with my pain. I cycle short distance to work 3 days a week so was thinking perhaps a gentle spin class to get the heart rate up again would be a sensible place to start.

    Last year I went swimming for 2 months and that contributed to my degenerative annular tear/buldge so terrifies to swim again.

    Thanks for the advice

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