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Treating chronic sit pain, hamstring pain, hip soreness? Recently had ALIF

I had an ALIF about 3 weeks ago to fuse the L5 S1.  I have spondylolisthesis at the L5 S1 to stabilize the vertebra slippage.  I am hoping that the ALIF alleviates what has been many years of chronic left leg sit pain, hip soreness, and hamstring soreness.  3 weeks out I still have the sit pain.  I saw Dwight Howard (NBA center) recently had a microdisectomy and saw a nerve specialist. Anyone have any recommendations on how to pinpoint the source of this kind of sit pain and how to eliminate it?  Anyone have similar symptoms and have the ALIF work to eliminate the pain?  If so how long before the nerves healed and the pain went away?  I sit on ice packs and hope the ALIF will produce pain relief in the coming weeks.  But jury is out. And I am open to thoughts/recs.



  • macdit, it takes time to recover from a fusion as you probably know and you are only 3 weeks out. I have sit pain and I know it's tough, I either have to sit on an ice pack or heating pad. I'm in PT which it's too soon for you to do and my pain is caused by spasms in my piriformis muscles and tight muscles around the sitz bones and tight pelvic floor muscles. Everyone is different and I'm sure age counts (I was 68) but it has taken me at least a year to recover. Don't let that discourage you, I waited way too long to have the fusion and have nerve damage. 

    It takes up to 3 months for the fusion to fully take hold so I'm not sure if they will approve PT until then but that is the only thing that has helped me. Muscle relaxers have helped and although the ice feels better because it numbs, I think heat relaxes the muscles better. Have you talked to your doctor about this? It's tough to wait but time may be your best option right now. Keep us posted. 

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,448

    I agree with Joanne. It takes time and patience. If the nerves were compressed for that long, it will take time for them to wake up. And that's what you want. Like she said, you don't want permanent nerve damage, which I also have. My heating pad and ice packs are my best friends.
    Walking will help strengthen your back muscles, it may hurt, but it will also hurt.
    Take care and don't over do anything, keep us posted.

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