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Really scared; Need advice

11/18 - ended up in hospital with pain shooting down my right leg ... turned our to be low back herniated disc.

Pain doc put me on hydroquodone (3/day - 5 mg) and gabapentin(400 mg 1-2/day) for 2 months. Doc stopped it cold turkey 12/24/18.

The Only help ive had is PT - but its not helping; i hurt too often to do the exercises.

Nuerosurgeon thinks all ill need is PT - i dont want to be a surgery case so i was glad that he didnt think it suit my situation.

Only place that has given me hope is the chiropracter ... im scared as i dont want to get worse, but it gives me hope. Anyone else get better from this? Also, anyone recommend inversion tables?

The reason for my back issue is a mystery ... almost 15 yrs ago i had a car accident that swung me around. I had overall pain for awhile, but never saw a doc about it. I also was a family caregiver and may have used my back too much. I stand all day in my seasonal business ... terrified i wont be well by april.  I also had a history of jogging 5 ks.

The trigger was from doing yard work oct 23, 2018 and ive been off and on crutches, taking pain meds, limping, crying, bent over ... ever since. 

The pain is low back ( which is often hot to the touch), right hip, right flexer, down right leg to right outer ankle, numb right toe......  when i have a good day, i can get halfway through a super walmart, standing straight and can bearly leave the store, bent ove4 my cart.

Any advice on recovering from this? Any safe pain remedies meanwhile.? Chiropractic successes? Inversion tables? Yoga? Thanks for any help.



  • Get an MRI so you're not guessing what's wrong with you. If you have a lumbar herniation, its said bending forward is extremely bad for a herniation. If your doc gave you stretches its probably in your best interest to do them if they can offer relief. Tylenol and Advil have become my best friends. Best of luck

  • Hi Claire, you definitely must see a specialist. My lumbar issues built up over numerous years, but became suddenly very painful within a 6 month period. I saw Physio’s and a Biokineticisist (who were very helpful) and then progressed to GP’s and an Osteopath. They also were helpful, and we pursued a ‘conservative’ approach, i.e. no surgery. Eventually, my family GP sent me to a very experienced Orthopaedic Surgeon. He checked my lumbar X-ray and immediately said my situation was bad and would get worse without fusion surgery. He confirmed the details after MRI (which is obviously a lot more detailed picture/s). Surgery was painful. (I’ve blogged my journey on this site somewhere, you should read it. L4-S1 fusion - 2 months - my journey.) My advice to you, go directly to a specialist and get detailed analysis of your situation. By the sounds of your history, you need accurate intervention before it (possibly) becomes much worse and also (possibly) irreversible. As mentioned, my journey was painful, but also frustrating, depressing, scary, expensive, etc. But, so far, it has been worth it. The big pain is gone and the recovery is well on it’s way (3 months post-op.) Daily small aches and pains, but no longer excruciating sciatica and lower back throbbing. Good luck! If you want to reach out, drop a reply.

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  • I have a similar problem and I'm sure it's a herniated disc also. From what I've read exercises can and will exacerbate your situation. Believe me I feel your pain. It takes forever to heal and you must be careful not to reinjury yourself. It could take months to heal. I'm using heat with some success and walking after applications. The bulging material has squeezed onto nearby nerves and must shrink to relieve your pain...

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