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Trouble with feeling like my chest is being crushed

Hi all I need to ask you if you guys go through this. I have horrible Thoracic pain that it feels like it is crushing my chest and I feel like I cannot breath. I have to lay down and just concentrate on breathing to relieve the pain when the crushing starts.  I saw a specialist about this last week. We did an MRI I have some herniated discs but he thinks it is come from all the neck surgeries I have had. So we are doing further testing. Have any of you had this? If so what was the answer for you? I am desperate I cannot life like this all the time. 



  • Hi @hisbeauty4ashes, I am going through the same sh#t at the moment. I have many issues with all my spine levels . I am also struggling with the thoracic, it too grabs , pulls, pinches, but when it feels like a belt is pulled tighter and tighter and to breath in causes really bad stabbing pain that stops what breath you can get in. But I am lucky that I am seeing a fantastic osteopath every two weeks. I am lucky enough to have his mobile number and he will open up for me if I need a fit in appointment too. He can’t fix my issues he has told me that but he does relieve them greatly. And a little relief goes a long way. I have been seeing him for a year now and I have not had to go to the ER for migraine treatment since . I was seeing a physiotherapist for 8 years prior. I still occasionally see a chiropractor who knows his stuff, he is the only one can ease the lumbar spine when it gives out and is the first one so say he can not manipulate my spine. But they do more than just crack lol lol. I wish you relief soon. Good luck on finding some treatment that helps. Harpy

  • jackiek29jjackiek29 Columbus,OHPosts: 18
    edited 01/07/2019 - 11:33 PM

    I felt as if I was wearing corset that was constantly being tightened.  I had a laminectomy, discectomy and a fusion t-6 to t-8 in Oct 2016.  Sometimes I still feel the tightening along the side of my ribs, but not all of the time.  

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  • Yes it is no fun. When I was the doctor in San Diego He said it was coming from my neck. I was taken back by that statement because it hurts in my Tsoine and pushes to the from and squeezes all the time. Well this week the right side of my neck feels like it is popping in and out and it is not only painful but I have these weird sensations go down my back like tingling ect. I just had a neck fusion last April. Sooo not sure what the heck it going on, I just know I cannot live like this.

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 668

    Ron what was the specific physical therapy ? And does any massage person usually know how to do deep/soft tissue massage ?

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072

    Mike, the pure true deep/soft tissue massage is a skill. The best at that have been doing it for years.  My guy, was trained in Thailand and has over 30 years experience doing that.   While almost any massage therapist can say they do deep/soft tissue massage, but there are not that many that do it correctly

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  • I have had deep tissue massage and it was so beneficial to me. The problem is it is not covered by insurance. I cannot afford to get them. Also not only do I have sever pain in my Tspine and my chest feels like it is being crushed but I have tingling and electric shocks shooting through my Tpsine into my arms. It is horrible. I so need this to stop.. Lord have mercy!!

  • Okay so like I am mad! I went through tests and stuff went in for a followup and he was not even sure at what we were looking at no joke! My lower back was so bad we went into discussing that. So my T spine is not even addressed. I will look into see another specialist. I am so tired of these mountains. My lumbar is affecting my legs and back. It also goes out all the time. I do not know about you all but I am just tired of it all.

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 668

     I have the same problem as you do, doctors just blame it on my spinal cord injury. I think it is my muscles are wasting away. Are you very active? 

  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 918

    To you all - I hate to admit it but I also know all to well the feeling of my chest being crushed, especially on my right side, but it draws across my sternum into the left side of my chest.  I was in so bad of shape in 2016, I turned myself into the cardiologist for testing (at that time I was black listed on my med records and ER would not see me).  The cardiologist did ab EKG and echocardiogram on me.  The test results were inconclusive.  So he ordered a chemical stress test which ended badly (I had passed out with flat line blood pressure).  Once they got my blood pressure semi-normal, they kicked me out onto the street within 10 minutes).  The same night, I felt like I was dying, so I went to the ER where they found elevated troponin levels.  Now I landed in Cardiac ICU with nitroglycerin IV for three days until I was stabilized for a heart catheterization.  When the heart cath came back clean, again kicked out of the hospital, but I still had chest pains and could and could only get ten minutes of sleep at a time. 

    Ended back in the ER again and my retired nurse sister begged the doctor to write a script for a small dose of Ativan.  The Ativan helped calmed me down and I was again able to get a few good hours of quality sleep again.  In Jan 2018, I had my third ACDF. 

    My recovery this time for surgery has been slow and very difficult.  My neurosurgeon told me to expect a rough recovery the night after surgery.  This past January, I was jerked off of all benzos (little Ativan and a little Librium) because of the mandate of the CDC and FDA lapdogs that came up with this rule that opioids may not be taken together as of Jan 1 , 2019, no matter how small the dose.

    This past Friday night, my wife found be passed out in my reclining chair.  I'm assuming from the extremely severe of 24x7 pain and lack of sleep.  I am again having chest pains like I was having in 2016.  I already the week before had been to the ER, complaining with chest pain, severe neurological pain and lose of neurological function in all of my arms and legs.  Send home.  Again was passing out from something Sunday night and I called the on-call doctor and got nowhere.  Yesterday, I finally got a cardiology review and he told me that he is not expecting any heart issues, that my cause is severe neurological pain (as if I didn't know).  Today at noon, I'm scheduled for another chemical stress test.  I hope that it doesn't trigger elevated troponin levels again and land me again in the Cardiac ICU).

    After all this nonsense, I got out my remaining Ativan and Librium and started taking a small dose in the evening.  I could feel the difference within three hours.  Last night, I was able to get eight hours of quality sleep. 

    This is NOT untended as any medical advise.  I know that I am taking some medical risk, but I am extremely angry that when protocol that does not work for me and they have come so close multiple times to killing me, over stupid protocol.  Yet, those serious events do NOT get recorded into my medical records.

  • nutcase007nnutcase007 United StatesPosts: 918

    I had my heart stress test yesterday.  They used a different version called a Lexiscan Stress Test.  I NOT in the hospital and waiting the results.

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