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I have a talent for losing weight it seems.

But it depends on how strong my will is,analyzing how hungry...if I'm hungry in my head.

My main hurdle is fighting habit..reaching for rice cakes,dried cranberries or other empty calories 

Vs tacos,sandwiches,sodas....

I think I'm hungry so it becomes somewhat an obsession...I'm only thinking ime hungry

And this is where the fulcrum is. Training my habit to be diet oriented.

Diet is such a dirty word,we are all on a diet it's only what we eat.

I'm back on my wagon and getting stronger main meal is at 6 7ish in the evening with it all done by midnite.the next 5 hours are spent deciding I am not hungry as I've eaten and dinner is coming at 5 am-ish

Once my mind gets my hunger sorted out in a few weeks the weight loss begins.cognizant of blood sugar levels,the full feeling in the tummy and recognizing those signs of sated ness,my stomach shrinking so portions get smaller and I begin to eat more nutritional dense foods it gets better. 

And this helps with my C-T-L spine areas by not being so heavy.

The mind game can be hard I think



  • Totally agree but rice cakes, yuck ;-) , give me raw veggies or plain yogurt or low fat cheese any day.  My nemesis is sugar which I understand is SO bad for inflammation. I find I do better if I eat a good breakfast and my main meal at lunch and a small early evening meal. If I have a snack later, it's light. Yes, we all know what to eat, just have to commit and then it's not a straight line, at least for me. Bon Appe'tit

  • Like joanne2, my main meal is lunch, dinner is light, my smallest meal of the day.  I love my rice cakes and peanut butter, a great protein to finish the day lol. I keep a tub of fruit salad in the fridge I buy from the corner store. It’s a bit dearer to buy this way but save waste .Easy to pick a piece out to nibble. My go to is sugar free gum, if I   “think”  I am hungry I will chew a piece for a while , normally helps me hold out. Oh and my water bottle with the time and measure on it to make sure I am hydrated.

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  • I do try to it seems, to keep my sugar levels-brain center sated.

    That's one key for me to not be hungry so that's where the snacks come in. I love fruit but m finding out that some fruits are more equal then others...hmmm...

    Orwells Fruit Farm?

    Oranges,grapefruit,KIWIS! grapes etc. I avoid strawberries...siiiiigh..because of a bad experience a while back..veggies? Love them steamed.

    The mind game though..junk food sadly is so easy to get...sometimes I'll get a taco with cheese...hence it will have meat,cheese,bread food groups..well technically...

    Step one is done. Not feeling deprived. I do eat good foods in small portions,taste matters

    Step two is an arrogant one..KNOWING I can get junk food and choosing not to ..aka sodas,pastry,over processed foods.

    Looking in the mirror and not being hyper critical is a morivator... what I see..and can be are not opposed anymore. Then feeling a bit more energy and lightness in my shuffles is better.

    Having a supportive- positive boss and people around me is a tremendous help. Like here on the site I get the motivation to support and get support,so is it out here in life. 

    My photography peeps help to keep me young feeling

    Rugby,Lacross,surf and music all have a positive energy and outlook.

    Being a C-T-L spiney is not easy but feeling motivated  to do something helps

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