Supplements and Nutrients for facet arthritis and healthy discs


I am wondering what supplements and vitamins do you guys use for spine health. I have arthritis in facet joints and am post Microdiscectomy. I Take vitamin D, glucosamine sulphate, calcium , turmeric and collagen tablets. Do you guys have other recommendations?




  • LizLiz Posts: 2,469


    This topic has been covered so many times on the forum. Here is a link to one article but there is plenty of information you can find by using the search facility  at the top of this page.

  • hvillshhvills Suzhou, ChinaPosts: 809


    Do you find that any of the supplements help your condition(s)..?? 

    In what way do they help specifically..??

    Since you take so many different supplements how do you judge which one is helping or not helping..??

    My guestions are not meant to be synical/critical... I really am curious about supplements just like you.

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  • Thanks Lizz. And hvills i picked calcium and vitamin D purely based on arthritis in my facet joints. In regard to collagen, that is based on the fact that the annular layers of the discs are made of collagen. Glucosamine sulphate: this was recommended to me by my surgeon and he said that some research has shown that patients taking this over longer periods have shown signs of reduction in back pain. Now coming to the point of whether it has helped or not, i cant answer it at this point. Its only been a month i started using it. I have another mri scheduled for may and i am planning to use all these till that time. Hopeflly i will have a better idea if it has shown any effects on the health of the discs and joints

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