RFA and scared!!

Hi all!

I went for my first ever Medial Branch Block on Wednesday and although I was terrified, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  My doctor gave me Valium an hour before and then also a second one as we were starting. We have now scheduled the RFA for later this month and apparently, we’re just doing the Valium again. I’ve read a lot on here and other places where people are knocked out for this and my doctor doesn’t do that. I’m scared at how much more painful this will be than the MBB. I’m also scared of the post-procedure pain as I am on no pain meds and highly doubt I’ll be sent home with anything. Please help calm my nerves!!



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    no matter who you talk to, your doctor has a certain way of doing things. try talking to him about how nervous your are and asking for something to take at home for pain. my pm doctor's procedures are the same, valium and nothing for pain. not everyone has post pain, everyone is different. just stay positive and get through it and hopefully it will really help.
    keep us posted.

  • Thanks everyone!  I guess I should have mentioned that they are doing the RFA in my lumbar spine. 

    I know at my very first appointment, my doctor said something about how if I wanted to, he could start an IV in case he needed to give me more relaxation meds. I’ll just remind him when they call to go over the procedure. He may think I’m a baby, but I really don’t care, lol!!

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  • TN

      I had rfa 4 months ago. I was given 3 valium.  Took 1 a hours and a half before..1 hour before and the 3rd 30 mins before. Mine was done on s1-4. I found it no more painful then the si joint injection I had recieved a month or so earlier.  But it really help in a major way. Yes I still have pain but not the intense nerve type it was miserable.  I do still have one area that bothers me that runs under my butt but the rest is at such a low level it was well worth it. I've already told my PM I'm game for it again but must wait a full 6 months for Medicare to pay.

      The best of luck to you and I hope all goes well...

  • I had my RFA this morning and it wasn’t too bad. I am now having a low-grade fever and some nausea and vomiting. Wondering if this could be related or if it’s something else... miserable abdominal pain. 

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