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Surgery advice

At then end of July, I woke up with extreme upper frontal thigh numbness and pain. I could not stand in one place or sit.  I could walk a few steps. By the next morning, the pain wrapped around my hip to my lower back. Going back and forth between my family doctor and er for three weeks with no relief or advice I decided to call an orthopedic doctor. At this point I still could not sit or stand without intolerable pain and could walk a few steps. When I arrived at the doctors on a gurney he immediately gave me a steroid injection.  After one week, I  was able to go back to work.  I had an mri and showed herniated disc. After three more weeks I had another injection just because my front thigh was still numb.  Fast forward to the beginning of December and my front thigh started tingling.  I went to the orthopedic and he gave me a steroid pack.  Didn’t get 100% better but seemed to have helped.  The evening of December 17th the pain came back full force.  By the next morning, my thigh was different then last time.  It was not only numb and tingling but was burning with shooting pain.  The doctor got me in to have a steroid injection two days later.  The injection made it so much worse. For four days I could only lay on my stomach and would cry out in pain just to move slightly.  To walk to the bathroom 5 feet away I screamed bloody murder.  After the four or five days after the shot, I seemed to slowly got better every day but was still unable to sit or stand after two weeks. Like last time I could walk a few steps but the pain was so much worse then it was 5 months ago. The insurance was fighting another mri which they finally approved.   After reading the mri, The doctor said he could do surgery or I can wait and see if it gets better.  So this is my dilemma.  It is getting better but with these two flare ups I am almost out of sick and vacation time.  I don’t know if I can hold onto my job if I have another flare up. I live alone with very few supports to help me through these flare ups.  After having a few surgeries,  I have been told and also believe I have a very high tolerance for pain but this pain is a whole new level. My question is even though it is getting better will surgery help with preventing future flare ups?  I can’t imagine going through another one like this last one or god forbid even worse.  Sorry description is so long. I just wanted to make sure I included everything. 



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    Surgery is a very personal decision.  It needs to be together with your surgeon, yourself and your family.   No one here is qualifited to tell you that you should or not have surgery.

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