12 year old daughter spondolysis

My 12 year old has a stress fracture in the L3 (spondolysis). She has been in a brace for 12 weeks with no improvement in regards to pain. It's time to start thinking about other options. has anyone ever had surgery for spondolysis? Particularly the L3? anyone effectively treat spondolysis with somethign other than bracing? I'm hoping to avoid fusion surgery because L3 is higher up and would limit mobility...



  • I’d be seeing 3 or 4 different neurosurgeons for their input.

  • Because your daughter is so young I would seek opinions from several different neurosurgeons.  I am 33 years old and just did a L5-s1 spinal fusion due to having spondylilothesis and bilateral pars fractures.  I would exhaust all other options before deciding on surgery for your 12 year old daughter. 

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