L4-L5-S1 3rd Revision Surgery Failed Diagnosed psuedoarthrosis again



  • David is correct 

      My first surgery they use failed bigtime which allow the level above to also collapse.  With my 2nd/3rd surgery which was a anterior/posterior done within a week of eachother they used bone from my hip. I was also on a bone stimulator for 9 months...I was fused rock hard in less then 10 months.

       What you are facing is everyone's worse nightmare I truly feel for you.

  • I had to come back to this thread cause something hit me suddenly. 

       One thing though hardware can fail it's not common for it to fail so many times..

        One thing... has the possibility of a metal allergy been brought up ? Spinal hardware have trace elements such as nickel..all this hardware braking down and screws backing out as well as non fusion could be brought on by your body reacting to something in the hardware causing softing of the bones around the screws ect...just a thought and perhaps something you might want to be tested for.

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