scs with heart monitor

i just had an ekg at my cardiogist's office, and the printout was all messed up. i had to turn my stimulation off for it to work properly.

my doctor wants me to wear a 30 day heart monitor, but acknowledged there would definitely be a problem with my stimulation device.

i i don't remember reading about this there a way around it so i can keep my stim on? thanks! 



  • @julainetheartist I have had many EKG tests performed without turning off my SCS. It has never caused an interference in the test. I wonder if this is a model specific issue based on the device manufacturer technology?

  • hmmm...i have the medtronic adaptive stim device. i did contact my rep, who was surprised about the interference. his suggestion was to go ahead and at least try it. if the monitor has the same issue, he said maybe the dr could talk to the medtronic cardiac implant rep about having an implanted cardiac monitor (thank, but no).

    i have had many holter monitors in the past. i could probably do without my stim for a week, but not for a whole month... it's working quite well! 

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