Could it be Fibromyalgia?????



  • I’m three years out from a sudden lifting injury and they still don’t know what my problem is definitively.

    So please keep pushing forward. I hope to get more imaging myself in the coming weeks.

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,489

    Thank you for the update, just keep us posted.

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  • allenda  did they do EMGs? I have EMGs done and found nothing causing sever symptoms; docs say EMgs give what MRIs dont give. I always ask, but how is your balance?

  • As far as I understand from my Neurologist, EMGs only test large fiber nerves.  In order to test the small fiber nerves you have to have a biopsy where they take a sample from your thigh and your hand. So, according to what he told me, just because the large nerves were mostly intact, the small nerves could be shot and the EMG wouldn’t show it.  

  • To expand, I’m having a lot of serious issues with my hands and feet. A lot of pain. A lot of burning, tingling, nerve “zingers” like lightning shocks down my wrists into my fingers, and a complete loss of the ability to determine heat or cold with my feet, and parts of my fingers. Even something as simple as washing some dishes can lead to burned fingers. I’m an artist, and I can no longer hold a pencil properly. I was hoping the EMG was going to show something, but it wasn’t conclusive. That’s when my Neurologist told me about the biopsies, and send me to have my brain MRI’d. Still waiting on the results of that...

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  • Alydara i see you went on a few paths. i did not know about the small fiber nerves. interesting, and that would explain why the symptoms don't really match the EMG results in many  cases. I have had MRIS and MRAs of brain and neck..nothing there luckily.

    going to a rheuma next...although doc thinks it is just to rule out. my balance is getting a bit worst and i had to keep calling the doctors who said to give it time to heal, but nothing is getting better in those regards...even light sensitivity is worst.  hope all works out for you.

  • Thank you,  Hedavs,  I sure hope you get sorted out! Light sensitivity is no fun, and having suffered from vertigo, I fully understand how bad “Bad” balance can take you! Ugh! Reeling around like a drunken sailor is no fun, unless, of course, you’re a drunken sailor. But all jokes aside, no, balance issues stink and you have my sincere sympathies. There have been times where I have been unable to get up from bed due to vertigo, and lying in bed with ones eyes closed all day is boring. The MRIs of my neck and brain were clean, aside from  some of the Mylar being gone, but at my age that’s normal I guess. I still want to have that small nerve fiber biopsy test done, but they can’t do it locally. I’ll have to travel. Not up for that right now. 

  • Alydara thank you for the sympathy. I sure hope  I sort it out, going to Rheuma doc sometime this month....but it's for rulling out...I have been like this for a long time and I just fear things get worse. if something got better is that I dont have extreme pain anymore. here is to good hope for all of us.

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