Lordosis and Kyphosis(need a second opinion)

Hi guys,

So I attended a physio the other day and to be honest I am not happy with the advice they gave me, I am not doctor but I clearly can tell I suffer from Lordosis or anterior pelvic tilt this has been an issue dating back since I was 8-9 years old I am not 27 years old, any how the physio I attended told me that I did have an excessive curvature of my spine and asked if I was experiencing any pain and I told her no and she said that then it's fine you shouldn't worry about it if there is no present, I also asked could fixing this curvature increae my standing height( not grow but stand at my tallest with my spine at it's straightest or at a healthy or normal curvature) and she said she doesn't think so.

from my research I have found it is very much possible to increase your height( not increase per say but stand at your fullest potential height),so yeah I found an excessive curvature can indeed make you shorter, and I also was quite annoyed with the no pain no problem attitude, It may not pain now but there is always a chance it could give me back pain down the road especially as I age.

I have quite a long torso as it is, It's hard to tell from photos but do you believe I have some "hidden" height in me if I correct my lordosis and also my slight kyphosis curve in my back?

she also said my posture is great, in your humble opinion would you classify my posture as "great" or even "fine"?

here is the pictures of me tensing my abs and trying to tilt my pelvis forward(trying to stand as tall as my posture will allow me)

here is my posture relaxed

Sorry if I have the format wrong guys,this is my first time posting but thank you for your time :)



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    hello maniac2019 

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  • Maniac2019 - so are you saying you want or are considering a surgical option to "correct" these curves and gain some height?  That would involve a fusion of your vertebrae?  At age 27 and having no pain, that seems like an extreme avenue to pursue.  I had 10 levels fused due to a curve that was causing a significant amount of pain.  I was also 58 years old and didn't want to wait until I was too old to be a surgical candidate.  But spinal fusions to correct curves are a life altering event and not something to be taken lightly

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  • geez no, I don't think my curvature is that bad, I have a little bit of a curvature but nothing that in my opinion would require surgical help( fusion surgery)

    I'm hoping to fix it with exercises/physio 

  • maniac2019 - oh ok, I get it now.  Now I'm also wondering if you can fix it with exercises and PT.  Hmmm, you'll have to keep us updated

  • I hope so it will probably take a lot of work if possible, could you take a look at the first three pictures and tell me if you think the curve is pronounced?

    (that is me standing straight with abs tensed), personally I don't think it's all too bad but getting a perspective from someone who also suffered from back issues would be great.

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