Cold and windy

 Cold and windy it’s going to be  below zero tonight here in Michigan. Some of you on here live in the southern states .  Two winters ago I was in Arizona and California I should have went this winter but  Had some medical problems. I still might go yet but will see.   It is a beautiful day today with the sun shining on the snow but is too cold to go outside  For people in our condition. Well take care and God bless. 



  • Yesterday was a bad day for my back.  Any time we have a drastic change, my back hurts more than normal.  I'm in KY which isn't really in the South, but were not the North either. Thankfully, my wife and I are going on a Caribbean cruise in two weeks, so I'm just keeping my eye on the date!

    Keep your head up!  Summer is only 5 months away!!!


  • Mike I LIVE IN North Carolina, it was 54 here yesterday and going to be 18 with 15-25 MPH winds, I feel your pain.

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  • It went from 60 to snow and freezing cold here in Kansas City, Ks in one week! My back hates the cold and after growing up near the Canadian border, I've had my fill of snow. Oh how I wish I could fly, I have a sister in Florida and a brother in So California. Spring does come early here so it won't be long. Multiple injections (L345 facet and bilateral SI) tomorrow so I'm praying for some relief so I can start going to the pool again. Take care y'all. 

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 473
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    My son went ice fishing yesterday for northern pike, they used tip ups which is a device that sets on top Of the ice And when you get a 

    bite The flag pops up to let you know. They use Live bait, small fish about 4 inches long  called shiners. They had read to use hot dogs. 

     So anyway had six hits on the hotdogs and no hits on the shiners.  But he said it was very very very cold out there.   The pike we usually catch are between  2 to 3 ft. Long.  Maybe next week they’ll catch some. 

    Right now it is -5° outside.

  • Sorry mike, you should have made the so cal trip it’s been beautiful for two whole days in the 70s after a real wet period (5 days) where the temps dipped into the high 50s (twice). I was in 5 degree temps a month ago for the first time since my surgery, my low back was so stiff and the neuropathy unbearable.  Thankfully that only lasted a couple days. I am so blessed to live in SoCal, quakes and all.  I’ll take that occasional shaker over frozen neuropathy pain any day, seriously. 

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  • I'll tie the cold

    Here in the land that winter forgot..the land of eternal summer..humidity lives here land

    Cold-cool dry air is most welcome

    Summer and heat come back too sin

    Bundle me up

    Turn me loose out in a big empty place with  wind kissed barbed wire, bent stalk grass and snow and I am a happy ranchand.

    Decompression from demands on me is more and more important now than ever.its part of my balance mechanism..getting out and away into the quiet peace of winters teeth.

  • Today looking out the window here in Utah to a beautiful winter wonder land of snow falling heavy. Yes it is pretty but big pain on the body thank heavens for this electric blanket my son gave me . My dream years ago was to live in Alaska what was I thinking never have been a fan of the cold. 
    Michigan lived there for a couple of years, a different kind of cold with the humidity. Shocked when they shut down schools, businesses etc. for the ice storms but soon realized why scary stuff. 
    My family huge part of our lives fishing but not into the ice stuff did it a few times. My son did do it when he lived in Minnesota they had nice little houses out on the ice equipped with a stove, treats etc. now that sounds like my kind of fishing. Spike what fighters and those teeth some problems now here killing other species so in one lake it is catch and kill immediately. Sorry one of my hard to let go of passions. 
    I hope you are able to go to warmer weather soon.
    Wow enjoy so jealous it is wonderful that you are able to do that. I cannot wait for spring and that first 50 with all the smells life waking up love it.
    Sounds like you live where I would be at peace away from it all. We did buy a cabin with my son out in the country where when I can when able to travel escape this city life. The stars explode  there but here in the city lucky to see any at all. Where you live to me is huge when handling our lives enjoy !  
    Stay warm everyone.

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 473

     Update it was -11° last night -2° right now. Beautiful sunny day though.  I always love  Martin Luther King day. We had the day off work and always went ice fishing. We would drive the van right out on the lake, We stayed warm and sipped  peppermint schnapps . We would catch a northern pike and rebait the hook ,  then jump back into the van and had ANother sip. fun days!!!

  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 4,135

    It is a balmy, sunny -2 this morning, only 8 degrees right now. We had 3" of snow Sat., our pond has a beautiful sheet of ice on it. And no, we don't ice fish!! lol.
    We heat our house with wood so Tim keeps it a comfortable 74 degrees in here. Talk about cheap heat!!
    A couple of days before this storm hit, I had to keep my heating pad on as the weather changes were creating havoc on my spine.
    Stay warm!!  And yes, Ron, we  leave the taps dripping at night.

  • It's interesting how many people just on this site alone can tell when the weather is going to change simply because of how their body feels.  Perhaps we can start a new trend where insurance has to pay for us to live in a mild/warm climate like Aruba, Bonaire or some other Caribbean island that's not affected by hurricanes!  That would be the life!!  Although insurance would be so expensive we wouldn't be able to afford coverage...but, it's enjoyable to think about it!

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 473

     Yes Aruba,  Nice warm windy days, just about every day. Warm water and very beautiful.  But I am sure that medical would be  lacking. 

  • A chilly 79 here

    Just off the island doing a shoot

    The cold front is not quite new near enough to affect me..but that knee is starting to ache!

  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 473

       Well we should hit 70° tomorrow and Monday here in Michigan, it’s about time. 

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