Sleep Advice?

Both of my hips are wrecked from my degenerative disc disease and unfortunately I'm a side sleeper. When I lay on my hips for too long my leg starts to go lock up and the nerves start to freak out. I have a thin pillow that I keep under my hips regardless of what position I try to sleep in, and that helps a little bit, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do. It's like laying on my sides puts pressure on my hips and I don't know how to relieve it. Does anyone have any advice? ~



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    It has been only 6 months since I have been diagnosed, I don't know hardly anything yet, these things take time as I'm sure you know.My dr says I don't have any markers for arthritis. Thank you for the link to the articles.

  • ddd in L5 S1 and I am a side sleeper also

    I start "pedaling"a few minutes into sleep which Mae's me roll over and start again. A big pillow between my legs,some heat patches, very light stretching before bed.

    A hot shower to loosen up the muscles before bed. Ibuprophine to take of the edge.

    Still dont sleep very long though as other areas soon flare up on me

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  • @William Garza yess that’s exactly what I experience too. I have a body pillow and heating pad but I will have to try the stretching and hot shower before bed. Thank you so much for your advice and I hope your sleep problems ease soon ~

  • I have had trouble sleeping and getting comfortable after my spinal fusion L5-S1 3 weeks ago.  I have found using the Calm app for guided meditation for sleep has really helped me go to sleep.  I also like Belleruth Naparkstek/Health Journeys guided meditation for sleep.  

  • Anyone has any noise canceling idea at night so that I can get a deep sleep.
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  • One month after I going now in a deep sleep from a few days. I bought a noise canceling earbuds which help me to go to sleep at night. I wear it at night and fall into a deep sleep and happy with this earbuds.

  • I use a fan on high and sometimes the pink ear plugs. Lately, I put on my headphones and start watching Netflix and pass out. 

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    Hey Charry,

    Your earplugs are noise canceling. Which brand or company's earplugs you use?
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    Have you some finest noise canceled idea or device? Now sleep is so necessary to me.
  • I use the pink earlplugs don't know the name but a fan is nice for getting rid of noise. I have to sleep with tv on or netflix with headphones. 

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