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Inner Tremors

I've had inner tremors for a few years - I always described them as feeling like my skeleton was shaking. You can't see it from the outside, but it's really distracting. Actually, it's pretty distressing. I've read a few people saying that this could be fibromyalgia. Does anyone else experience this?

I also have lumbar degenerative disc disease and stenosis but I don't think it's related to either of those as the tremors aren't centralized to one area or necessarily attached to pain. I read that light exercise helps other people I was just wondering if anyone else has other tips. (( And yes, I take gabapentin 300 3x a day.)) ~



  • I had more of a vibration like a tuning fork in various bones. This lasted a couple months immediately post 3 level lumbar fusion last year, where I had a lot of pain waist down, and still do. the vibration was more in upper body areas, elbows, forearms, shoulders, but mostly elbows and it was very disturbing distressing to me also, but not really painful.  I never found a reason for it as it went away as I finally went on loads of gabepentin, pain meds and muscle relaxers to relieve other pains.   

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