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19 months post 3 level acdf. C6-7 not fused, neck is attached by plate and screws in the front only. 1/2" space at 6-7 from the midline to the back. Nothing but air there. Other 2 levels partially fused.

So I'm getting a second opinion. My problem is horrendous anxiety. 

I read that our bodies have a psychological response due to an underlying medical condition. Imho I am experiencing this.

The anxiety has gradually increased, and isn't (seemingly to me) due to my consciously worrying about my failed fusion. It's like my body independently is responding to my spine which isn't solidly attached to my body.

I am struggling. I was always a very strong woman. And this situation has me stopped dead in my tracks.

I need and want to learn more about this negative response so I can deal with it.

Yes, I brought this up to my surgeon. And not surprisingly he dismissed and avoided addressing this with me.

And yes I have a therapist. She echoed my assertion that this anxiety can be an un-conscious response my body is experiencing due to the "trama" and lack of fusion.

I've relented to the fact that I should try anxiety medication. I have an appointment with my gp in a couple weeks to discuss this.

Could any of you shed some light on this for me? Has anyone else experienced this? If I have I'm sure many others have.

How do I "shut off" the chronic worry button? It will be at least 3 months until I can go for posterior surgery to fix this. And I haven't seen doc number 2 (or 3) to get another opinion.

It's like I don't have to CONSCIOUSLY worry, my body seems to do it without any input from me. I have broken 2 teeth from constantly clenching and grinding my jaw. I've broken 2 mouth guards so far. I catch myself doing this and try like heck to stop. It's awful.

Making it more difficult is not being able to be the lady I was. I was busy busy. Work, hobbies, living. Now my life is spent laying down and keeping my head on a pillow. If I do too much I suffer.

Please anyone who has information on this subject of "physiological anxiety response" please respond.



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    My favorite authors on “stuck energy” due to trauma are as follows:

    “Trauma Energetics” by William Redpath

    “In An Unspoken Voice" by Peter Levine

    "The Body Bears the Burden" by Robert Scaer

    "The Feeling of What Happens" by Antonio Damasio

    "The Body Keeps the Score" by Bessel Van Der Kolk

    Anything by Claire Weekes is amazing too. Her books are easier, less technical reads than the ones I listed above.

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