Loose SI Bone Implants

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Due to injury from a 20 ft fall, I had a hyper-mobile left SI joint and had the SI fusion surgery done about 8 years ago.  Everything went fine but almost 2 years to the day, I was walking too fast trying to keep up with my grand kids after a February snow, accidentally stepped on come clear ice, went full speed off the curb straight legged on to the street.  Heard a muffled crack and immediate pain.  I knew it was the implants breaking loose so tried to get them to fuse again after having my chiro line square up the pelvis, belting up and going back on crutches.  This has not worked and the implants are still loose in the sacrum causing me a lot of pain.  I saw the surgeon who put in the implants and he said they had not moved and were fine but my chiro could move the joint.  Saw an orthopedic surgeon who referred me to a neurosurgeon also trained in the procedure who said I was one of the 5% that this happened to.  He referred me to the  Med Center where the orthopedic surgeon there said he could take them out but then what?  His advice was that the implants were still supporting the joint and to continue with conventional, conservative pain management until it got to the unbearable point, then come back and he would fuse the joint the old way.  I had stem cells injected into the joint 18 months ago and that seemed to cause fixation in the joint but the alignment was off so my chiro broke it loose so am back where I was.  I do not fault the doctors in any way and believe this is a good fix for hyper-mobile SI joints.  I just now went back to the SI Bone web site and see that there is now a procedure to replace the implants with new ones and am interested in checking into that.  That was not available to my knowledge a few years ago so would be interested in hearing from anyone with experience in that regard.  Bob Gentz

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    welcome to spine health
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     if you know the name of this new procedure, go to the search box at the top right of this page and key it in. i would also like the name as we may have articles on it to help you out.
    are you in pain management? we have had past members that also had stem cell injections. go to the search box and key in stem cell injections, scroll past the ads and you will find older conversations from members.

    good luck and we hope to hear from you soon.

  • I have Kenalog and Morkane injections in both SI joints every 2 months now but they seem to be less effective, again.  This is why I had the stem cell procedure done in Aug '17.  I use 2 belts most of the time except when I am sleeping.  I also have a torn psoas muscle in the lower left groin that is a pain source on it's own and the steroids have helped with that.  Thanks for the response.

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